Is Achieving Internet Marketing Success Getting Harder?


marketing successSome people think achieving Internet marketing success is much harder than it used to be while others see opportunities everywhere. Do you think it’s harder to become a marketing success today?

Marketing As It Used To Be

In the late 1990’s up through about 2008, you could pick one of a variety of niches and profit from it using permission based marketing and one or two traffic generation techniques.

The traffic generation techniques used varied widely but here are just a few of them:

  • Article marketing
  • Forum marketing
  • PPC
  • Banner advertising
  • Ad swaps
  • Ezine advertising
  • SEO
  • Classified advertising
  • FFAs
  • And many, many more

The methods listed above were effective because the search engines ruled and they could easily find well formatted information in these locations to match the consumer with the seller.


As technology advanced and prices came down, more people got broadband connections which lead to a move towards video and other more interactive social activities.

If video isn’t currently part of your marketing strategy, you had better get on board fast or you will be left at the station wondering what happened to the traffic you were supposed to get using the above methods.

Internet Marketing Success Strategies For 2011 And Beyond

Use of the traditional Internet marketing methods still yields results are worth doing to a certain extent but you MUST go where your prospects congregate the most if you want to achieve a high level of Internet marketing success.

The time spent at any search engine results page is measured in time spans of 5 minutes or less unless someone is doing research on a particular subject.

Visitors to YouTube and other video sharing sites often spend 25-30 minutes per day watching videos AND many of them admit to using the YouTube search function to find video answers to their problems BEFORE going to Google or another search engine.

Some Internet users log into Facebook and do their searches within Facebook IF their friends can’t provide the answer to their problem. Facebook has everything some of these people want so they spend hours in that community and NEVER venture out of it to see the rest of the sites on the web.

Twitter is another active social community that people often spend extended periods of time in and where answers are sought before the rest of the web is looked at for solutions.

The search engines are starting to incorporate the social proof from the social media sites into the search results and the social proof is only going to increase in importance as the web gets more social.

Mobile marketing and local search are two additional areas that are growing fast. This explosive growth can be directly linked to the huge increase in smart devices that have Internet connectivity capabilities using Wi-Fi.

People are using their smart phones and laptops to get directions or to find local businesses that the printed version of the Yellow Pages and many local newspapers are ceasing to exist.

Wired telephones are being replaced with cellular phones in many homes.

If your business isn’t adapting to the new technology and to the new ways you need to market online, your chances of becoming an Internet marketing success are slim.

Is Achieving Internet Marketing Success Getting Harder?

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