Why Viral Buzz Ads Should Be Part Of Your Marketing Plan

viral buzz adsViral buzz ads are advertisements that spread like the cold virus. If you craft them correctly and place them in the right places, you will be dramatically magnifying your marketing efforts.

Viral Buzz Ads Goal

Your viral ads should have a specific goal and that goal is almost never to directly sell. Your goal with each ad might be to create a buzz about your business, product or service. You might be trying to increase brand awareness or build a desire to learn more.

Humor is one very effective delivery system for viral ads.

A fake news story that seems real can work once in awhile but these can also backfire.

Crazy stunts that show that your product works REALLY well can go viral beyond your wildest dreams. A great example is the Blendtec Will it blend series with the video below being the most popular with over 12 million YouTube views.

The video shows the company CEO actually testing their blender’s quality by blending different items that most people wouldn’t think of sticking in a blender.

Build A Community

Once your ad starts going viral, start involving your community. You can do this by asking their input on new ads or in other ways to let them know you are listening to them.

Social media sites like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook are perfect for engaging your community an then seeing it grow from your viral ads. Blendtec create a domain separate from the company site to use to build their community around the ‘Will it blend?’ campaign and the community has exploded. Viewers love giving suggestions on things to blend and the product’s quality gets showcased in a very effective way.

The blenders sell for about $400 each so they had better be good but being good isn’t enough if you don’t have a unique selling point.

Blending an iPad or some other item until it creates a smoothie is definitely a unique approach that paid big dividends in gaining both brand awareness and sales.

You may or may not have a physical product to sell but I’m sure you can find a fun and creative way to create a viral buzz for your business, product or service.

There are many different mediums that you can use to start your viral ad campaigns. I just highlighted one VERY successful marketing campaign.

12 million plus views on YouTube is out of reach for most of us BUT you don’t NEED that many views, tweets or Facebook ‘Likes’ for your viral buzz ads to be effective.

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Why Viral Buzz Ads Should Be Part Of Your Marketing Plan

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