To me, the most important asset you or anyone has is their health. Most of us don’t take care of our health when we are young so we pay both figuratively and literally as we age.

If you are reading this and are relatively young or in good health then start doing everything you can to improve what is already good or to fix what was damaged without you knowing or realizing it.

Everyone that has a few years behind them or is experiencing health problems will benefit from the knowledge I’m going to share with you if you are open minded and are willing to take action.

Learn from people that are good at what they do in your field of interest. Ask questions to learn then find ways to contribute to the knowledge base everyone draws from.

If your interest is network marketing, study the top marketers in several different companies to see what they have in common and also how they differ. Try to get on as many presentation and training calls as you can so you can listen to these professionals, others asking questions and the corporate personnel.

More participation in these events will give you a mastermind group that will allow you to grow faster than you could working by yourself.

Wade through the hype and window dressing that surrounds every profession so you can digest the real lessons.

Study the marketing literature, website, compensation plan and training materials from the company you choose and also from your competitors. This gives you valuable knowledge about your business and just as importantly it gives you more knowledge about the industry as a whole.

Network marketing, selling information or selling services are all different but each business model can teach you skills that can be used in almost any business model.

You cannot attract what you desire without taking positive actions. Your actions create a positive energy flow that will help attract what you seek.

No positive action and/or complaining about your current circumstances may drive what you seek further from your grasp.

People are more inclined to do business with you if you develop an air of confidence in what you are doing and where you are headed because we all like being with those we see as winners.

If you have no idea what you are working for other than money or you demonstrate you are unhappy with the world and your life, you’ll drive away anyone considering doing business with you because they don’t want to be drug into the mess you indicate you are in.

Note: Money is energy and is only useful to help us acquire what we really desire.

You are in complete control of what you say and do so you are in control of the good or bad that happens to you.

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