Social Media For Viral Advertising?

Jerry McCoy Business Success CoachIs social media a good platform for viral advertising? Absolutely! Social media is about relationships and friends tell each other what they like and dislike.

Social Marketing

Prior to the Internet, people congregated at local coffee shops, restaurants and in other locations to talk to each other. The front porch and back fence were part of the scene too. Everything from the family to the weather to local businesses was discussed.

If you told the biggest gossip in town something and told them it was a secret a variation of that secret would hit the other side of town before you did.

Find a large gathering online that actively tweets or posts to Facebook and inject something juicy into the conversation and it could go global in a few hours.

If your contribution is big enough and becomes popular enough, it just might get picked up by some local, national or international news agencies.

Your contribution might be a crazy or funny stunt that fits with your product or service but entertains the viewer so much they WANT to share it. Videos like that can get millions of views in a short period of time. In my article Why Viral Buzz Ads Should Be Part Of Your Marketing Plan, I shared a video made by Blendtec that went viral because of the content in the video.

The company uses no hype, actors or exaggerations to demonstrate how well their product works. The items that were blended made the show entertaining enough to go viral.

Traditional Viral Marketing

One traditional viral marketing method that is commonly is giving away a rebrandable report that encourages recipient to put their links in the report in place of yours then passing it to their friends, prospects and customers. This method still works but it isn’t as effective as it was a few years ago.

In today’s world, almost everyone is in a hurry and we are so overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information at our fingertips that many seek videos as the source for quick answers while on the go. Because of this, YouTube is not only a huge video sharing site it is the second most used search engine online.

Videos are easier to digest on a variety of devices and you engage more than one sense which means you usually retain the information longer.

The free traffic guide offered at the Free Website Traffic page on Facebook shares some additional ways you can get free viral advertising that generates highly targeted traffic.

You need to take advantage of every possible way your marketing plan allows for maximizing your marketing efforts in the time you’ve slotted for marketing your business.

People are spending more time on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube and less on less interactive websites so you need to get social media savvy so you can put your business where it will be seen.

Social Media For Viral Advertising?

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