Business Success Comes When Planned


You start your business success the minute you create a plan to achieve your vision. It WILL arrive if you consistently work your plan. Are you working yours?

Creating a business plan and consistently working it has proven repeatedly that success is usually achieved and then maintained. Those without a plan have no clear direction and usually fail. The old saying that says if you fail to plan, you plan to fail is true.

Unfortunately, too many people have incomplete plans or they don’t have the quality support people they need to help them.

You might have a great plan, a great service and be good at selling but you cannot be an expert at everything.

website securityYour web presence is your storefront. You MUST secure your virtual storefront just like you would your brick and mortar store.

If you don’t secure your website, it may be vandalized, it may be deleted or someone may place a virus in one or more pages of your website. Any of these will harm your business and the repairs to your site may cost you lost business plus quite a bit of money.

Learn how to protect your site yourself or hire a professional that you feel you can trust to properly set up your site, to properly secure it and to regularly back it up so it can be restored if someone gets past security or something breaks the site.

I was introduced to a business owner this week that has 10 different domains working off one account. This is common BUT this particular business owner is technically challenged and without a reliable technical support team.

Because of this, the sites were out there without the security they needed and deserved. There wasn’t even protection against spam comments on the WordPress blogs.

As a result, there are hundreds of spam comments. The sites haven’t been updated since they were put online 6 months ago so there are security holes that allowed someone easy access to the pages. There are between 50-60 virus infected pages spread across the 10 domains.

Since there are no clean backups for any of the sites, some may have to be recreated from scratch. Other pages might be able to be cleaned but it could be labor intensive and costly to the business owner.

Find someone you trust and can rely on for the technical side of your online business if you are technically challenged or your march towards business success may get slowed dramatically.

Business Success Comes When Planned Correctly

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