I think anyone that is dating is in business. When you first meet someone and start exchanging information about who you are, what you believe, what you do and what your dreams are, you are exchanging resumes and interviewing someone while they are interviewing you for the most important job you'll ever have.


Whether you get a second date depends on how good of a first impression you created. You don't get a second interview for a job if your qualifications aren't good enough, you made a poor first impression or another candidate was more qualified.

You are in control of what you receive.

If you associate with negative people; think bad things about others; talk about how bad the world is and how rotten your life is, don’t you think it is likely that you will attract the very negative life and circumstances you spend so much of your time thinking about and discussing.

You can see this in action by watching people and listening to them. I’m willing to bet that you’ll find most of the people in down trodden communities are griping about not being given a break, how the government favors the rich and how everyone or everything is responsible for their situation but them.

Associating with positive people, taking positive actions, thinking about what you want in your life creates positive vibrations that are bound to attract what you desire.

You control who you associate with, what you think and how you act so you are the person that is responsible for the good or bad that’s in your life.

This belief is something that humans have held for a very long time and quantum physics is now proving the validity of these believes.

Control your thoughts, actions and associations and you’ll be taking control of your future. Allow the negative influences into your life and you may delay the receipt of that which you desire or completely terminate its arrival.

I used an example above of how many in the down trodden communities are blaming everyone but themselves. Let’s look at those that have gotten out of their communities and become successful in spite of their surroundings. I’m willing to bet you’ll find a person that had both a dream and a burning desire to make them real.. They found someone that could mentor them and help them make their dreams a reality. This mentor probably did not know they existed until they were sought out by the person looking to improve their lives. The person looking to improve their situation probably had to show the mentor they had the internal dedication and passion to succeed.

This proof more than likely required the person to show they were positively going to succeed through both their mindset and actions. It meant showing the negative influences that surrounded their daily lives were not an influence. Proving their communities weren’t influencing them often meant a willingness to relocate to a strange environment where only positive influences were surrounding them. They probably had to show the mentor they were willing to do what the mentor asked of them while working towards their dreams.

Most of us don’t have the opportunity or luxury to physically distance ourselves from the negative influences in our lives but we can use the power of the Internet to associate with like-minded individuals that we can use to generate the environment and vibrations we need to attract our desires.

It’s your life. You decide whether you want it to be positive or negative.

Is Dating A Business?

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