Why A Business Plan Is Vital To Business Success

business plan for successI’ve stated many times that you need a business plan and it must include a marketing plan or sustainable business success cannot be achieved if it is ever achieved.

Your Business Plan

Your business plan is your roadmap to success. It helps you stay on track when you are faced with a variety of challenges and opportunities. The opportunities that present themselves can either help you towards your goal or they can divert your attention onto a path that will almost certainly guarantee your failure.

The challenges that pop up on your path towards success are there to test your resolve. You can abandon your goal because the challenge seems too tough to overcome, you can work to find a way to go over, under, around or over the obstacle or you can blow straight through it.

Your Marketing Plan

Your marketing plan is just as important as your business plan because it contains the activities that you will carry out on a daily basis.

By you, I’m including anyone you may choose to hire to do certain marketing tasks for you. Some of these tasks may be:

  • Development of your website.
  • Implementation of your social media marketing strategy.
  • Implementation of your SEO marketing strategy. (Both onsite and offsite.)
  • Development of your marketing funnel.
  • Managing your paid advertising campaigns.
  • And much, much more.

Over the years, I have encountered numerous business owners that wanted to hire me to do one or more tasks I just mentioned but I tuned them down because they could not clearly define what they wanted and how it fit into their overall plan.

Let’s say you want a new website designed for you or one of your clients, how can your web designer create the look and feel you want at a reasonable price and in a timely manner if you don’t clearly state the colors and provide the exact information they need in a timely manner?

If you don’t have the basic skills to know what it needed to make a secure and functional website, how do you know what makes up a good web designer, what a reasonable price is and what it takes to keep the site backed up, up-to-date and secure?

Without a basic understanding of what is needed, you are blindly handing the fate of your business to a stranger that may see their own interests as more important than yours.

Each discipline mentioned above and the ones not mentioned has their own quirks that need to be understood if it is to be successful. By not knowing the basics, you won’t know what to expect in the way of results or the timeframe needed to see results.

You will probably feel out of control and lost when you are outsourcing without the basic knowledge needed to understand the job you want done.

As a result, you may try to micro-manage your workers without understanding their work. This management style does nothing but increase your stress and reduce the efficiency of your workers.

A good marketing plan will help you stay on track. You will either learn the basics BEFORE you outsource OR you will hire the right team for the right task and trust that they will do the job. You need to know enough to ask the right questions before you hire or you will be lost and clueless which can lead to desperate actions that may harm your business.

Knowledge is power. Without the knowledge of the tasks you want performed, your hired help and outsource workers have almost all the power. Trust in your abilities as a business person and faith in have faith in your business plan to reclaim some of that power and to stay on the path towards business success.

Why A Business Plan Is Vital To Business Success

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