Is Your Business Mobile Friendly?

cell phone QR CodeHaving a mobile friendly business makes sense when you find out that there are almost five times as many cell phones as there are computers.  Many of the cell phones are smart phones that are capable of surfing the Internet.  If your website does not look good on a mobile device, the traffic to your website will decline as the number of mobile devices increases.

Studies have already shown that smart phone users usually have more money to spend and that they frequently use their mobile phones to make purchases online.

Every business owner wants to put their product or service in front of a crowd of hungry buyers that have money to spend.  Increasingly, your crowd of hungry buyers is carrying a laptop, a smartphone or both and the only way you are going to reach these people is to have a mobile friendly website and the ability to market to mobile devices.

A Mobile Friendly Website

There are multiple ways you can create a mobile friendly website but not all solutions will work on all devices.

A WordPress powered website gives you the ability to use a couple of different plugins that will make your website more mobile friendly. One of these plugins lets the user switch back and forth between the mobile version and the full blown website and the other one allows viewing of the mobile version only.

One problem that is encountered in creating a mobile friendly website is overwhelmingly large number of mobile devices that are in existence.  Almost every make and model of cell phone in existence has a different screen size or resolution and they can be viewed in either portrait or landscape mode.

Many website themes that have been created for the primary and mobile websites were programmed using tables and these tables frequently have a set size in pixels. This can create a display problem even on the same cell phone when the user goes from portrait to landscape mode.

To correct this, make sure the template you choose was written using percentages or with no tables at all. The percentages allow the website to automatically adjust when the screen is rotated from portrait to landscape and back again.

People are making it to the Internet using their mobile devices must pay for the bandwidth they use so a mobile site that relies heavily on graphics will be quickly abandoned.

If your mobile friendly website has  your logo, your location, a map to you, your phone number and other information that would help the user find your place of business and do business with you they will be satisfied.

The true innovators today own businesses that they are moving to be mobile friendly because they know the next big economic wave is mobile. If you intended get and stay competitive with these businesses, the time to get your business mobile friendly is now!

Is Your Business Mobile Friendly?

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