Have You Re-Evaluated The Marketing Methods You Use Lately?

If you aren’t constantly examining your marketing methods, how do you know that they are still as effective as they used to be? Should they be tweaked or replaced?

Like many things, some marketing methods have a shelf life and if you aren’t constantly testing and tweaking you won’t know whether not the marketing methods you are using has run its course.

The marketplace is constantly evolving because of technological advances and your customer base is also changing. If you aren’t adapting your marketing methods to keep up with these changes, how can you know that your message is reaching its intended target?

Your Target Market

If your business is like many others, your target market is going to fall into the under 40 age group.

The people in this age group usually get their information from the Internet by way of either of their laptop computers, desktop computers or their cell phones.

Of the three devices I just mentioned, the cell phone is used most frequently to access the Internet to acquire information followed closely by the laptop and desktop computers bring up the rear. Television, radio and print advertisements make up an even smaller percentage of the places that people look for information if they are under 40.

Cell phones have made tremendous advances over the last few years and the world we live in is moving at such a rapid pace that people under the age of 40 are relying almost exclusively on their cell phones and laptops to stay informed simply because they do not have time to relax and enjoy any other medium.

People under the age of 40 grew up with technology and using this technology is as natural to them as reading a book is to their parents and grandparents. They are on the go so much that television is either viewed over their mobile devices or the shows they wish to watch have been recorded. Some even wait until a season of their favorite show is over and then buy the DVD of the entire season so they can watch it at their leisure.

If these people cannot find your business easily on their mobile devices, they will seek out a competitor that does show up well on the device they are using. Many websites look good on laptops but those same websites may look lousy on cell phones and iPads.

Your website is part of any marketing method you use so it may need to be updated or modified just like the advertising methods you use. Mobile marketing is growing in importance every day and you need to be ready for it even if you aren’t yet actively using that method of marketing yet.

Have You Re-Evaluated The Marketing Methods You Use Lately?
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