Is A Mobile Friendly Website Really Necessary For My Business?

You must decide if a mobile friendly website is necessary for your business.  To help you decide, I have the following scenario for you to read.

Imagine a business woman comes to your town a couple of days early for a big business meeting. She has her hotel room but she’ll need to eat at the minimum and she may enjoy the night life then need to visit a beauty salon before her big meeting.

How do you think she’ll find:

  • a nearby restaurant to serve her tastes?
  • a club for entertainment?
  • a beauty salon?

If she’s like many other business men and women, she’ll use her smart phone to find the businesses she wants at the moment AND she will probably browse their website to seek out testimonials and product listings. Since the smartphone is the new Yellow Pages for many people, you’d better have a website optimized to look good on the device they carry 24/7.

mobile friendly website
before mobile website

How long do you think your potential customer would stay on a site that looks like the Before picture or the After?

To me the before image tells me you don’t understand just how much I use my cell phone and rely on it to find businesses that I want to use. If your website does not own a bid to me on advice I always use, how do I know your services will be my standards?

The after image tells me that you are willing to present your business to me on any device that I use therefore your business is worth taking a look at.

Whether you have noticed it or not, your customers are increasingly getting their information from the Internet using desktop computers, laptops or mobile phones.  And with each passing day, the number of people using their mobile phone over any other means to communicate or gather information increases.

The testimonials that a potential customer may seek will frequently come from either a social media site or from a review site that has nothing to do with your business so you want to make it easy for your customers to interact with their friends using social media functions on both your main site and your mobile ready site.

You must make it a business decision on whether you’re going to have a website that makes it easy to interact on social media sites from your website and whether or not you are going to have a mobile friendly website. I firmly believe that any business that is not currently social media friendly and mobile friendly will see a dwindling customer base in the very near future.

Is A Mobile Friendly Website Really Necessary For My Business?

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