Do You Have Too Many Business Advisors?

business advisorBusiness advisors or mentors are common for many successful business owners but you can have too many advisors. Do you have too many you listen too?

The right advisor in the right area of your business can do wonders to help you improve that aspect of your business. If you have more than one advisor in any given area of your business, you will probably get conflicting advice.

In addition to the conflicting advice received in the area of your business where you have more than one advisor, the advice given by one advisor in one area of your business could overlap advice given in another area on a different but related topic.

Let’s use copy writing for example.

There are many good copy writers both online and offline but each of these people has been influenced by the mentor that taught them their craft. Each marketer they work for also influences their work even if they aren’t consciously aware of the influence.

A new trend started showing up in sales copy written for some online marketers in certain niches during the last few years. The trend I’m talking about is writing blind sale copy.

In some niches, a few Internet marketers claim they are experiencing higher conversion rates when the price is only revealed during check out. This may be true but I know a lot of people will click-thru and abandon the cart OR leave the page without reading the sales copy.

Price shopping is natural for many. Comparing prices during tough economic times is a necessity.

If you hide your prices until the customer contacts you or clicks through to your payment processor, you may have driven off a very good client without ever having a chance to talk to them.

Consulting services require unpublished prices because every client has different needs. Because of this, there is no one price fits all approach that can be published. You may have an opening audit that you run every prospect through that you charge the same price for but publishing that fact is likely to put a preconceived notion into the prospect’s mind that could ruin your chance of making the sale.

On the other hand, things like mobile websites, basic website packages, Twitter profile designs and other basic packages can be published. Will publishing your prices cause you clients? Probably but they may be penny pinchers or do-it-yourselfers.

Your competition WILL be able to see your prices and undercut you if they choose but anyone that thinks their value revolves around the price of their offering is missing the point.

You are offering a service that solves a problem for your customer. The relationship you create with that customer may open the door to additional services or products that you sell now or in the future.

If you’d listened to a different advisor that offered different advice, you may not have the client or the opportunity to sell them additional services. Your business plan is a guide just like the advisors you choose but none of them are infallible and you must use common sense and your gut at times.

Pick the method you are going to use, implement it then test it to see if it was the right choice for you and your business. Your mentor, business advisor or advisors bring experience to the table but they don’t always give advice that will fit you, your business model and your business plan. Sometimes the best advice you can get is from your gut.

Do You Have Too Many Business Advisors?
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