Are Website Updates REALLY Important?

YES! Updating the content regularly is important to keep both visitors and search engines returning and updating the scripts and security are important for your business.

Fresh Content

Your visitors need a reason to return to your site instead of going to someone else’s site. The thing that usually brings your visitors back is quality unique content supplied on a regular schedule.

The ideal time line for fresh content is once a day But this schedule is usually not sustainable for the long term. If daily is not possible, then adding fresh content three times a week is the next best option with once a week bring up the rear.

Your loyal readers and the search engines both come to rely on your schedule so maintaining that schedule is vital to building your relationship with your readers and a steady flow of traffic from the search engines.

Website Updates

Many inexperienced webmasters will hire someone to put up their website and then never think about having any maintenance done to a website.  Their reasons for this are usually a combination of a lack of knowledge and the desire to save money.

I encounter websites on a daily basis that look like they are either installed by the webmaster using a free resource in the cPanel of their hosting account or the business person hired someone and paid them a one-time fee to put the site up for them and the webmaster is left to manage the business on their own without any further thought to the script that is powering that website.

Many of these websites are using WordPress. This popular content management script is free and easy to use but it is updated frequently to add new features and to plug security holes or bug fixes so any site that is not updated after the initial install is often vulnerable to hackers that wish to cause harm or mischief.

Just this week, I had to clean up a WordPress install that was running an installation that had not been updated for at least one year.  The webmaster contacted me in a panic because the site was throwing up a virus alert when she tried to go to it. It turns out that someone had used a hole in an old JavaScript to gain access and implant malware in to eight different files.

I was able to remove the problem for her by deleting one plugin, updating the rest of the plugins and the WordPress script then adding some security plugins. To prevent a possible recurrence of the problem, a website maintenance and upgrade plan was put in place.

Are Website Updates REALLY Important?

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