Are You Giving Google What It Wants So You Get Free Website Traffic?

A steady flow of free targeted website traffic is the goal of most webmasters. Are you giving Google what it wants to get your share of the free traffic from that search engine?

Google does not tell you directly what they think is important beyond the guidelines in Webmaster Tools and Matt Cutts’ blog and video. You can, however, pick up some important clues by looking at where they spend their money.

Google Purchases and Focuses

The 2006 purchase of YouTube clearly illustrates the importance of video to Google and the 2007 purchase of FeedBurner should tell webmasters that RSS feeds are important.

Since then, Google has purchased Android and Motorola Mobility. These two purchases should clearly indicate that you had better get your websites mobile friendly fast if you want to be seen near the top of the results in your niche.

The acquisition of Picasa and Picnik signals the importance of images.

Google has made a number of purchases recently related to social media which screams out that social proof is going to become an even bigger factor in the results shown in the SERPs than it is right now.

For local businesses, purchases have been made to make Google Maps and Google Places more powerful.

Elements That Help Attract Free Website Traffic

When you add all of these up, your site needs:

  • to have an RSS Feed with subscribers. (These subscribers are social proof the person likes your content.)
  • utilize video both on the site and off site.
  • use images both onsite and off-site.
  • be mobile friendly.
  • be found with both Google Places and Google Maps if you are an offline business with an online presence.

Twitter and Facebook have been players in the social proof arena for a while but Google Plus was introduced recently and that has added even more importance to the social aspect of your business.

For years, websites were ranked solely on the content and the number of backlinks pointing to it were the only votes that counted. Today, however, the feedback from social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus will help as much as, if not more, than traditional backlinks.

If you get incoming links from image sites, video sites like YouTube and book sites like Amazon, you are getting links from social environments that are viewed as highly credible by the search engines. You still need the traditional backlinks but you also need the social proof that’s important to both Google and Bing.

Are You Giving Google What It Wants So You Get Free Website Traffic?

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