Have You Claimed Your Google Plus Business Page Yet?


google plus business pagesGoogle Plus business pages were released to the public this week and many marketers view this as a virtual land rush. If you haven’t claimed your page yet, someone else in your niche might have claimed the phrase you are targeting.

I know of more than one offline consultant that created multiple business pages in multiple niches for the sole purpose of selling these pages to local businesses for top dollar.

At this time, the pages are somewhat basic when compared to the more mature Facebook business pages but you know Google is working to correct that situation.

Google Plus itself has only been around a few months but the consensus is that you cannot ignore anything Google does with their search engine or in social media because the search algorithm is usually affected.

The introduction of the +1 button gives visitors a way to vote on your page’s content and this social proof is being considered in the rankings.

The Google Plus brand will include the social circles the +1 button and the business pages but don’t forget Google Maps and Google Places.

Each product provides a useful function or service but the power is greatly magnified when they are combined correctly.

Your website might have great content, great products or an awesome service but what good are they if they can’t be found?

Local businesses have used billboards, flyers and maps to get themselves in front of prospects.

With the advent of the Internet and the smartphone, people have started looking online to find businesses near them and Google is more than happy to use the phone’s GPS feature, their search engine and Google Maps to show these people what they’re seeking.

Facebook pages, Google Places and now Google Plus business pages are just 3 places consumers will be able to go to find reviews or additional information on the products and services they use.

Social proof on just about any product or service that you can think of is freely dispensed on websites, in forums and on social media sites. This plethora of consumer feedback has forced the search engines to count the social recommendations when determining a site’s rank.

I believe a Google Plus Business page will help you get a higher rank and traffic.

Google has been on a mission recently to make everything they have mobile friendly and have acknowledged that sites that aren’t mobile friendly don’t rank as well as competitors that are already mobile ready.

With this knowledge, isn’t it time you made sure your website is mobile friendly, social friendly and that you have a solid presence on the major social media sites? This includes both Facebook business pages and Google Plus business pages.

Have You Claimed Your Google Plus Business Page Yet?

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