Everything in our universe is made up of energy. If you could gain access to an electron microscope, you’d be able to see the atoms that make up your computer equipment, tables, YOU and everything else you can think of. This collection of electrons, protons and neutrons are constantly moving — even in things that look solid.

This movement generates a vibration which means you emit a vibration.

We are living beings that have brains and emotions. What we think and how we feel alters our vibrations either positively or negatively.

My Likes:

  • The script was very easy to install.
  • The script uses a flat file instead of a mysql database.
  • Importing users is easy.
  • Exporting users is easy.
  • I like the emails that tell me which campaign the prospect joined, the time they opted in, the date they opted in, the name they used, the email address they gave and the IP address they signed up from.
  • I like the option to have the script email me reports every day telling me how many messages were sent out, which message was sent and to whom they were sent.
  • I like being able to set the From name and email address for each campaign.
  • I like being able to create my own page to redirect my subscribers to after they opt in.
  • I like the one button click to generate the subscribe code for web pages.

My Dislikes:

  • The script does not allow subscribes by email.
  • This script does not require a confirmation link to be clicked in the first message which would make it a double opt in.
  • You cannot view your individual prospects in the admin area. A total is shown but not individuals.
  • There is no function that allows a broadcast message to prospects outside of the series.
  • The campaign name is limited to a size of 3-8 characters.
  • Campaigns are text only. You have no option to send HTML coded messages.
  • The script is CGI based which uses more server resources than the newer PHP scripts.
  • The script is activated by a snippet of code that is placed on a web page. If you or a visitor doesn’t go to that page every day the messages will not be sent to prospects in the system.
  • The sales page says unlimited updates but I haven’t been able to find any updates since the script was written in 2002.

The bottom line for me is that this is a good no frills auto-responder script that I installed on my domain knowing its limitations.

It allows me to brand my domain while advertising.
It was cheap enough that I can save my money to buy a better script when my business has grown to the point it is a justified expense or to buy into a monthly service that does nothing but host auto-responders.

An auto-responder is a tool that you use to help automate your business and help it grow. You must decide whether your startup money is best spent on getting a high quality script right out of the gate or wait until you’ve learned your business well enough to know what you need in an auto-responder.

One final thought is that everyone that uses auto-responders will at some point be accused of spam by someone that forgets they opted in and instead of clicking the link to opt out they’ll just turn you in. keep good records and keep that in mind when deciding whether you want to have a responder script on your domain. (I, personally, put my responder script on a domain I own that does not house my primary site.)

Your goals, budget and skill set should help you decide whether Auto-Responders Unlimited at a one time price of $9.97 is right for your business or whether you’d be better off spending $10-$50 a month for a quality service that provides everything you think you’ll need and use in an auto-responder. The third alternative is to know what features you want now and in the future then buy the script you can install on your domain to take care of those needs.

You may view the Auto-Responders sales page by visiting

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