How To Start A Blog That Is Successful

Have you been told you need a website or blog but don’t know how to start a blog let alone a successful one? It’s easier than you think if you follow these steps.

How To Start A Blog Step 1

Choose the topic you are going to write about. Pick carefully because you must either have a passion for the topic or want to learn about it or you won’t commit to consistently creating content over an extended period. Successful blogs have fresh, unique, quality content added at least once a day for best results but this proves unsustainable over the long term for many. Adding fresh content 3 times a week is the next best with once a week the bare minimum you should consider once the blog is established.

How To Start A Blog Step 2

Learn everything you can about your target audience. What are their wants and needs? What is their age, gender and where do they congregate online and offline? The more you know about your target audience and what they both want and need the easier it will be to write content and find products or services that will satisfy the problems they’ve clearly stated they need solved.

How To Start A Blog Step 3

Lay out your blog so it makes sense to you and your readers. The content for most blogs has the primary category as the main keyword phrase with 3 – 5 additional keyword phrases as related categories that will be covered. There may be many sub-categories for these top level categories but the starting categories will help you organize your thoughts for content in each category as well as tell your readers and the search engines the topics covered in the blog.

How To Start A Blog Step 4

Identify the words and phrases that are most likely to bring up websites containing content, products or services that solve the problems your audience has stated they have. These websites are your competition and the keyword phrases you used to find them are some of the phrases you’ll use on your site. You will see others talk about competition and I do too but almost any site or page can be beat with good on page SEO, great original content and more quality backlinks than your competitors.

Many people don’t do all of the basic SEO practices for good on page SEO and a lot of the off-page and off-site SEO is sporadic instead of consistent.

How To Start A Blog Step 5

Carefully choose the blog platform you are going to use. Blogger and are both free but you have limited control and the account can be terminated at any time by the service provider. In addition to that, you are NOT creating an asset you can sell like you could if you had a self-hosted WordPress powered blog on your own domain.

A self-hosted WordPress powered blog might have more of a learning curve but you can do much more with it and you have many more options available to you for SEO, design, layout of the site, branding and monetization.

How To Start A Blog Step 6

Be consistent in every aspect of your blog. Once you set it up and go live, stick to the posting schedule you set for yourself because both your readers and the search engines will expect fresh content on that schedule. If you miss a scheduled posting, you risk losing their interest.

Be consistent in your backlink building and build backlinks from a wide variety of sites. Social media sites, video sharing sites, article directories power point sharing sites and podcast sites are just a few of the authority type sites you can use for backlinks and targeted traffic.

These 6 steps are a general overview of the steps you need to take in the process of starting a successful blog and the first two steps are the most important to get right if you are to create a highly successful blog. There is no single path that everyone must follow in starting a blog but I’ve found the steps covered in this article to be the most consistently followed by people that wanted to know how to start a blog that is successful.

How To Start A Blog That Is Successful

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