Have You Reviewed Your Business Plan For 2012?

business plan for successYour business plan is your guide to your goals. As such, it needs to be reviewed and revised on a regular basis. Have you reviewed it recently to check your progress and modify it to meet new goals?

Your Business Plan

This roadmap either does or should contain your short term, medium range and long term goals. One person even went so far as to write his out in an interview style. It read like a reporter was interviewing him about how he became so successful over the last 20 years.

In the ‘interview’, he laid out descriptions of each goal he needed to meet on the journey to success and how that milestone was a marker that measured his progress in a set timeframe. If the goal wasn’t met, he examined the events that transpired to see if he was the reason they weren’t met or whether an outside factor slowed or stopped his progress.

These milestones allowed him to see where he was in his journey, they allowed him to hold himself accountable for his action or inaction and they gave him the opportunity to reward himself for reaching the milestone on or ahead of schedule.

The business plan you develop is your roadmap that helps you stay focused and accountable.

By reviewing and revising your business plan on a regular basis, you should be removing achieved goals, adding new goals and tweaking some existing goals so your roadmap remains a viable and useful tool.

Life WILL throw obstacles at you to test your true desire to reach your goals. If you believe in your goals with all your being, you will see these obstacles as challenges and you will find a way over, under, around or through them to reach your goals.

As long as you honestly desire the goals you’ve set, it will be easier to return to your path once you’ve gotten past the obstacle.

The daily action plan is your business plan’s companion. This tool helps you focus your activities so you stay on your chosen path. Within your daily action plan, you will probably have a to do list that you use to prioritize what needs to be done.

A typical to do list is long and it usually contains a mixture of easy to do tasks that are pleasant and some tough tasks that aren’t as much fun. To keep you on your path, try prioritizing your to do list into 5 – 6 items you plan to work on each day. Start with a heavy duty task that will tax you then after an allotted amount of time passes shelve that task for the moment, take a short break and then tackle and easy one.

By organizing your tasks this way, you may become more productive than you thought possible. Part of the increase in productivity is tackling tough tasks first means you are at your freshest mentally so you can get down to business quickly. You will probably be working on a project that will generate income once complete so the toughness of the task is worth the tedium you must endure now.

When you keep your daily to do list limited in size and alternate the tasks between tough and easy helps your list shrink in size while you move towards your goal. A smaller to do list also helps keep your morale up during your journey towards your ultimate goal.

Your daily actions are the steps that move you closer to your goals while your business plan is the roadmap that lays out your destination. The constant reviewing, tweaking and revising you do to your plan is what’s necessary to keep your business plan a viable roadmap.

Have You Reviewed Your Business Plan For 2012?
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