Why Do People Buy Stuff?


Do you know why people buy the products or services they do? If you don’t you need to figure it out or your business will suffer. Writing sales copy or even creating the ideal product or service becomes MUCH easier once you know why.

What Motivates Buyers

The 5 things that motivate people to buy are:

  1. to make money.
  2. to save money.
  3. to escape or relieve pain.
  4. to bring buyer pleasure.
  5. to save time.

The buyers may have more than one of the above reasons for buying any given product or service so the more triggers you address with your product or service and the associated sales copy the better your chances of obtaining a customer.

Make Money

This is an obvious motivator during tough economic times. There are many reasons and many times when someone may want to or need to make some extra money. Home repairs can pop up at the most inconvenient time, your vehicle may break down when you can least afford it, you may have a growing family that means you’ll need a larger income or you might want the extra income to pay for a new toy or hobby. I can almost guarantee that there are more reasons people want or need to make money than you can list.

Save Money

The reasons behind the need or desire to save money are as numerous as the reasons people have to make money. Everyone loves a bargain regardless of your income level.

If you can show a potential buyer they are saving money while moving away from pain and towards pleasure, you have covered 3 hot buttons that are reasons people buy.

Escape Or Relieve Pain

If you do any keyword research at all, you will see how to get rid of (blank) and get rid of (blank) both get good or great search volumes for almost any keyword phrase. A few examples are;

  • How do I get rid of acne overnight?
  • How do I get rid of bed bugs naturally?
  • How to get rid of 10 pounds in 10 days without dieting.

Bring Pleasure

We each have a different definition of pleasure. To some, pleasure is a vacation while others might see it as a good book, exotic dinner or a movie.

Each niche has different definitions of pleasure too. In the dog niche, a misbehaving dog might be the pain and the pleasure is a well-trained friend that loves you unconditionally.

Save Time

Time is the one resource that has a finite value each day. Once it has passed by, it can never be recovered. For example, show someone how they can become fit with a series of 10 minute workouts that can be done at home or in the office instead of spending 30-60 minutes in a gym they have to travel to and from and you WILL get their attention.

Pick almost any niche and I’m sure you can find one or more ways you can save people time.

Why People Buy

People’s lives are full of both real and perceived problems. Know the people in your niche and what they view as problems and you can craft your offerings to satisfy them. The 5 phrases listed at the beginning of this post are why people buy so use them for good.

Why Do People Buy Stuff?
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