What Problems Are You Solving For Your Customers?

If you haven’t figured out the problem or problems your products or services are solving how can you fully connect with your customer to solve their problem?

In last week’s article titled “Why Do People Buy Stuff?”, I mentioned 5 things that motivate buyers. I’ll give you examples this week that will, hopefully, help you see both problems and solutions within your niche.

Buying Reason – To Make Money

A restaurant has a website, reservation system and does advertising across multiple media types to keep existing customers returning and to bring in new customers.

As a marketer, you talk to the owner AFTER checking out the existing website and advertising methods to see what services you can offer that will either put money in their pocket, build a mailing list of both existing customers and potential customers or offer something complementary that may not be directly related to the restaurant. (A cookbook of the restaurants recipes is an example.)

Is the business website SEO optimized, does it look good on mobile devices, can the owner reach out to customers using SMS to deliver special deals on a slow night? If the answer is no to any of those questions, that is a service that can be offered to help the business make more money while retaining existing customers.

Buying Reason – To Save Money

Advertising in newspapers, with Groupon or in ValPacks is not cheap and the return on investment is often less than desired. Sometimes, money is lost during these campaigns.

If you can show the business owner how a coupon can be delivered by SMS to local consumers while saving money, you’ll be a hero, especially when the business owner is made aware of the fact that everyone that stays on the list can be promoted to on a regular basis for the cost of the SMS service.

When asked how to keep these people on the list, simply reply with recurring contests or coupons. The cost to the business is minor when they stop and figure out what the average income is from a full table versus an empty one.

If the campaign is set up as a text to win a free meal, etc., the retention rate will be high. When the losers are notified, they can be reminded of the next drawing, offered a lesser discount or simply reminded of other specials that may exist.

Buying Reason – To Escape Or Relieve Pain

Every restaurant or business has at least one day a week that’s extremely slow. The fixed overhead continues even when the revenue declines on those days. If you help the business owner increase business on their slowest day, you are hitting multiple buying reasons at the same time.

One good campaign that’s correctly timed can help the business, make more money, save money, escape the pain of idle employees, enjoy the pleasure of having buying customers on a slow day.

If you can hit 4 reasons why people buy with one good campaign, do you think that business owner will be more receptive to what you have to offer?

Buying Reason – To Bring Buyer Pleasure

Every time you move a customer away from pain, help them save money or help them make money, you are moving them towards pleasure. Weight loss ads pound into you that the embarrassment, health risks, etc. that are often associated with being overweight will miraculously vanish when you use whatever product or service is being promoted.

Buying Reason – To Save Time

Time is a commodity we use or lose each day. It can be used in many ways and some of them are to enrich your personal life while others are geared at your business life. An organized person uses time wisely and is very productive on many levels but others see time slip by with little progress towards their goals.

Your job is to show how your product or service helps the customer save time where appropriate. This time saving is usually coupled with one of the other buying reasons.

For example; “How to lose weight and feel great with 10 minute workouts you can do at home or work.” tells the reader of that headline that they’ll move away from the pain of being overweight while moving towards the pleasure of weighing less while saving both time and money by not needing to leave their home or office to go to a gym to exercise.

Listen to your customers and they WILL tell you their problems.

Offline business clients frequently go to local business gatherings, trade shows, visit online groups, use Twitter, etc. and they do vent their frustrations and problems on a regular basis.

People with problems that are more personal will frequently use the Internet to find ways to end their embarrassment before they talk to anyone offline.

By knowing the problems your existing and potential customers have, you will know how to tailor your pitch. Present the solutions to their most pressing problems and they will sell themselves. You become a problem solver instead of a salesperson at that point and many will gladly pay your price to ease their pain of the moment and they’ll be thankful for your service.

What Problems Are You Solving For Your Customers?

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