I believe that everyone has certain talents and skills within them that will provide them with a lifetime of satisfaction if they recognize them and do what they enjoy. When I was growing up, I was sure I was going to college for my business degree and then to take over the family manufacturing business.

Something unexpected happened along the way.

I bought his product after reading the sales page. For my $9.97, I received a PDF and an MP3 he recorded to discuss what he'd put in the PDF.

The content may provide new information to novice marketers. You will, in my opinion also be presented with tactics that are very successful because of the psychological triggers they activate in humans but I consider them unethical.

Example: The stated price of the Promo Code Secrets is $27 but Jordan states that he considers the true value to be $9.97. Everyone likes to save money but putting up an inflated price is something I consider unethical regardless of who’s doing it.

Note: I may have sales pages up that have the higher prices crossed out two or three times before the actual price is stated but the licenses that come with these products preclude me from editing the sales page anywhere outside of the limited areas the creator specifies.

Manufacturers of automobiles and other ‘real world’ products have been showing the manufacturer’s suggested price for years but only the greenest of the green buyers believe that is what they’ll have to pay.

The fact that this deceptive marketing practice has been in place for years doesn’t make it right.

The point of the Promo Code Secrets as I understand it.

Jordan Hall gives examples of how a script can be used to generate the one time use only coupons, integrate them into a squeeze page and how to use this combination in every aspect of your marketing to generate a more qualified prospect and a more highly motivated buyer. This may be true but if the person feels they were deceived, as I did, will they be repeat customers?

The ebook gives a lot of general ideas on how to use his coupons but no step-by-step instructions. You are left with the statement of be creative and think outside the box on different ways you can use the promotional codes (coupons).

This 34 page ebook first talks about the script he uses on page 28. from that point on, it is about buying his script, having it written for you by a programmer or receiving a script similar to his in a larger package like the one that was included in Butterfly Marketing.

BTW – I did send Jordan Hall an email explaining my dissatisfaction with his product and I requested a refund. My email was never responded to and a refund was never given.

Many marketers sell info products that are of poor quality, are over priced and leave the consumer wanting more but a lot of them will either give you a refund or at least send you an email telling you that you are out of luck.

It really saddens and angers me when I see a marketer provide poor customer support to the point the customer is completely ignored.

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