In my article Which is More Important Traffic or Customers? I mentioned that some marketers are finding ways to automate the use of Social Networks and that their value to marketers will decrease. I failed to mention that using them right now is a very good idea for you and your business. is a new social networking site that lets you place a link to your business with the keyword rich phrase you choose as the active hyperlink. You enter the description you choose and the tags you enter are keywords search engines and visitors will use to find you.

Search engine traffic is the best free traffic you can get. Using social networking sites similar to to place free ads for every business is a dream.

1. Click Log in
2. Click register
3. Create a username, password and enter your email address.
4. Log into What Ever You Want
5. Click add a bookmark
6. Enter the Address (URL), Title, Description, Tags (keywords) in a comma-separated format.

Once you do all of this, you will have a link back to your website with the keyword rich title, your description and the keywords as searchable tags for spiders and people alike.

Inbound links from sites that are related to yours are always good with search engines. The above social networking sites are each themed so they will be good for your site. As the page rank for each site improves, the benefits you might experience from these inbound links will increase.

Free Traffic and SEO
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