Why Should You Have More Than One Source Of Traffic?


free trafficTargeted traffic is needed for your business success as much as any raw material you could think of and having one source of traffic is like having one supplier of raw materials for your product. If that source suddenly has supply problems, your business suffers. Are you willing to risk your business to the whims of the suppliers of your raw materials?

Traffic Is A Vital Resource

Several people I know get 50% – 75% of their traffic from a single source. Every time that source changes something that reduces the flow of traffic their business suffers. If you are doing the same thing, you need to start diversifying your traffic generation techniques.

Adwords As A Traffic Source

Affiliate marketers often used Adwords as their sole traffic source when Google first introduced it to the world. Once Adwords matured enough to attract the deep pockets of big business, Google decided to delete the accounts of many affiliate marketers and ban them from the system.

Some of the marketers were, admittedly, serving up less than quality offerings but others were playing by the rules but still got banned because Google decided affiliate marketers are an unnecessary part of the sales process.

If Adwords was your only PPC provider, you would have lost your source of traffic and the resulting income just like those marketers did.

Other PPC vendors might not deliver as much traffic as fast as Google Adwords but they are usually less expensive and the diversity means you still have some traffic if one changes the rules.

YouTube As A Traffic Source

YouTube gets the lion’s share of views from all the video sharing sites online so you may be tempted to use it exclusively. Don’t! YouTube is owned by Google and they can and DO change their terms to try to get rid of those that throw up junk videos or try to game the system.

There are about 40 video sharing sites and some of them will get your videos ranked as high in the search engines as YouTube videos even though they get fewer eyeballs.

You want both eyeballs and ranking. By diversifying, you are helping protect your flow of traffic which is a vital component in your business.

Search Engines As A Traffic Source

Google has the majority of the search traffic right now so some webmasters are optimizing their SEO efforts only for this search engine. By neglecting Bing and even smaller search engines, you are putting yourself in a position where you could see your organic traffic vanish with the next Google update.

When Google introduced search plus this week, they started placing results from Google + in the SERPs unless you go into settings and turn them off OR search while not logged into any Google property. Adding social elements into search is a good thing IF you include Twitter and Facebook in addition to Google + but they don’t. you get results only from social properties Google owns.

The organic results shown to users are no longer 10 per page when logged in because of the social presence. This basically means you need to be in one of the first three results on page one of Google in order for your logged in prospects to find you unless one of their contacts on Google + mentions you.


I could show many different ways people are getting website traffic and examples of how they often put themselves at risk by focusing exclusively on one traffic generation method. I recommend that you allow no single traffic source to exceed about 20% of your total traffic or you risk losing business and income if the chosen traffic source suddenly dries up.

Why Should You Have More Than One Source Of Traffic?
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