Is Google Finally Noticing Junk Websites?

Are you presenting the public a junk website or a quality site that delivers good information and a good experience? Quality should always be the foundation of your business. Unfortunately, too many online business owners concentrate on building an income instead of a solid business. Are you building a business or just making money?

Building An Online Business

Building an online business means you are building an asset that offers real value and in return it has real value.

When you deliver a quality product or service, people may share it with friends but don’t counts on it. Quality content on the site falls into the same category as great products and services. Consumers may share it with their friends and family or they might keep quiet.

Put up a junk website with poor content and people exit as fast as possible which tells Google the site is delivering a poor user experience. This is called bounce rate and the higher your bounce rate the lower you get placed in the search engine results.

Junk Websites

I define junk websites as sites that are created for the sole purpose of generating an income from Adsense or some other monetization method.

junk websiteAs you can see in the image, the site offers zero content above the fold.

The owners of these sites often us nothing but PLR, scraped images, scraped videos or a combination of the three as the foundation of the site. They very seldom, if ever, add original content to the site and the only action they want from visitors is a click on an ad or the purchase of the product of the day.

You can usually spot these trashy sites by the number of ads you see above the fold.

If a user has to scroll down to see anything other than advertisements, Google will start moving your site lower in the SERPs, if they haven’t already.

A visitor to your site needs to see enough content without scrolling to decide whether a visit is worth their time. If they don’t determine the focus is anything other than advertising in 7 seconds or less, they’re gone.

Think of visitors from the search engines and sites like StumbleUpon as drive by visitors.

A drive by visitor is browsing until something catches their eye. These browsers may or may not know exactly what they are seeking.

If you have a junk website, you will most likely NOT have a strong headline or content that informs, fulfills a need and leads the reader to taking the action you desire.

Google has let the AdSense type sites thrive for years because they’ve made a LOT of money off them. Facebook and Bing are often delivering a better user experience so loyal Google searchers are demanding a better user experience and Google must deliver if they want to maintain their top spot.

Adwords makes Google a lot of money but it wouldn’t without a loyal base of searchers.

What makes your loyal customers return for more?

Do you deliver a good experience or are you delivering a junk website that you hope will generate a few dollars a day from drive by searchers?

Is Google Finally Noticing Junk Websites?
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