Is Your Free Autoresponder Making You Money?


Autoresponders are an integral part of most businesses and they can be an asset or an expense. Is your free autoresponder reliable enough to make you money?

Free Autoresponders

A free responder usually has a cost associated with it even if the cost isn’t in cash. The costs that can be associated with a free responder are:

  • unreliable delivery.
  • a limit to the number of lists you can create.
  • ads inserted into each message.
  • limits on the size of the list you can have.
  • text only message or HTML only messages.
  • limited reporting.

Many new marketers see a professional grade autoresponder as an expense.

Most experienced business owners view their responders and the lists within them as business assets.

Depending on the business owner you talk to, you may hear them say each member on their lists are worth 50 cents to $5 per subscriber per month.

Are you going to trust a business asset like that to a free service that may fail or leave you looking less than professional?

A new autoresponder service called Monster Response just launched and it makes many other services look like wimps when you look at the feature set offered.

As an introduction to the public, the first 100 members get a full featured professional grade responder for $5 per month for up to 500 subscribers.

Some of the features are:

  • Create great looking emails in seconds with built in HTML editor
  • Send emails in all formats, Plain Text, HTML, Multi Part, RSS
  • Messages can be personalized with over 80 different variables
  • Ultra fast email sending
  • Unlimited autoresponders and follow ups
  • Optional double opt-in function
  • Highly customizable
  • Send single messages
  • Timed sending of emails
  • Powerful subscriber filtering and sending
  • Supports file attachments
  • Subscription Form Generator
  • Unsubscribe function by link, form or email
  • Subscribe/unsubscribe notifications
  • Daily activity reports
  • Advanced click tracking and reporting
  • Bounced message handling

Monster Response has been developed by and is being run by internet marketers that know what professional business owners need in a great responder. Hurry and claim one of the first 100 spots at a great price and say goodbye to your free autoresponder.

Is Your Free Autoresponder Making You Money?

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