Do you feel the dog days of summer? Is your business showing we are in the dog days of summer?

Don’t give up.

September is the beginning of the Fall marketing season so now is the time to prepare your product offerings, sales pages and ads.

You do plan ahead don’t you?

Summer is traditionally a slow time for marketers because people are often on vacation or doing things that take them away from the computer more often. This does not mean that your sales will die completely.

Smart marketers use the summer to write and test new ads, follow-up messages and sales pages used to advertise their current product line. This period is also prime time for developing new products.

Test – Test – Test

After you’ve written your new advertising literature and sites do some testing with a small batch of your ezine subscribers or from any single source that has been good to you for testing.

Take this slow time to test new marketing methods. If they pull when times are normally slow, they should pull better when people start buying again.

Recharge Your Batteries

Everyone needs a break so take a little time to do anything but your business so you return with your batteries fully charged and ready to work. You know your needs best and might you only need a day here and there or you might need a week. Do what is right for you and your loved ones so you can return to work building the future you and they deserve.

The Dog Days of Summer Arrgh

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