Everyone with a website needs people to visit so they can read the articles, join a newsletter or buy your products. There are multiple ways to get these people to visit.

1. Word of mouth advertising from satisfied customers.
2. Search engine traffic.
3. Paid advertising
4. Links from other websites.
5. Flyers
6. TV advertising.
7. And many more.

Text links coming from other sites that contain keywords or keyword phrases that tell your visitors what you are about is a great way to get a more qualified website visitor.

Example: A text link that has opportunity in it would be great if you are selling a business opportunity or products specific to your business.

We would like to share with you a site called the ItsAboutCash Business and Marketing Keyword List. This site was created so business owners can acquire links that are text based, on topic and focusing on the keyword they choose (provided another marketer hasn’t already grabbed the keyword you desire). As we stated above, being on topic is important in bringing highly targeted prospects to your website.

These targeted links may be invaluable to you in gaining new customers from free search engine traffic and from the ItsAboutCash Business and Marketing Keyword List web page.

I suggest you grab your favorite word before your competition does.

Get Targeted Website Visitors with Keywords

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