How Important Is Local Search For Small Business?


local search for small businessLocal search for small business is so vital I’m willing to bet that local businesses not paying attention to local search won’t exist in 5 years. See why below.

Local Search For Small Business Benefits

Local search has many benefits when done correctly but here are a few:


  • You are competing with businesses in your area instead of in the global arena.
  • You are more likely to be positioned higher in the search engines results than your global competitors when someone does a local search.
  • It’s usually easier to beat your local competitor at search engine marketing because your marketing budgets are often about the same. (The difference is usually decided between a do-it-yourselfer versus a business owner understanding that hiring a professional usually equals higher profits.)
  • With local search, you can add a map with directions to your business.
  • If you have a mobile friendly website and you should, your website will be viewable on the devices your customers usually keep within 10 feet of them 24/7.

In many local markets, your true competition can range from a few to a few hundred depending on your industry.

If you try to compete globally with your business, you might be going up against hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands competitors.

The Local Search For Small Business Challenge

Many small business owners know very little, if anything, about online marketing. Even worse, most of them don’t understand that their online presence can be one of their most powerful business assets.

If you use any kind of print advertising, I’m sure you are seeing the return on your investment steadily decline.

I’m sure you are also seeing your ROI decline from TV and radio advertisements.

There is a very good explanation for these declines.

The Internet.

Most businesses have a large customer base that’s under the age of 50 and a large percentage of these consumers are frequently getting their news, entertainment and price comparisons online.

Many use their smart phones to get product or service recommendations from friends on the social media networks they use most often.

Twitter and Facebook are often visited before review sites or company websites when recommendations are sought. Once a decision has been made, or at least narrowed down, the company’s website or mobile website is visited for directions, contact details or additional product or service recommendations.

If your website isn’t optimized for local search, how do you expect to be found when they do a local search for small business establishments in your area?

How Important Is Local Search For Small Business?

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