Important Local Search Components


local search for small businessLocal businesses have many local search components to juggle to compete in their local niche. Do you know what your local business needs for local search?

Local Search Components

Local search uses many of the same resources and tools used when competing on a global scale but there are some that have been designed for local offline businesses that are building an online presence. Here’s is a list for you to ponder:

  • Content quality
    • Content length
    • Relevancy
    • Related images
    • Related video
    • Proper anchor text for hyperlinks
    • On page optimization
      • Professional looking site
      • A mobile friendly website
      • Page title
      • Keyword placement
      • Keyword anchor text for hyperlinks
      • Keyword named images
      • Image ALT tags
      • Meta Tags (Title, Description, Keywords)
      • Open Graph Tags
      • Visitor sitemap
      • XML sitemap
      • Clear navigation
      • Visible tags
      • Appropriate policies
      • Appropriate email addresses search engines deem professional
      • Google Map showing location
      • Contact page (contact form or email, telephone)
      • Address on every page
      • Hours of operation clearly posted
      • Visitor interaction with site (social bookmarks, comments, time on site, number of pages visited by each visitor, etc.)
      • Off page optimization (Think backlinks)
        • Total number of backlinks
        • Quality of backlinks
        • Text used for links
        • Videos on video sharing sites
        • Press Releases
        • Article directory links
        • Contextual links
        • Directory links
        • Business directory links
        • Citations
        • Google Places
        • Bing Places
        • Yahoo Places
        • Image sharing sites
        • Answer sites
        • Forums
        • Social bookmarking
        • RSS Feed directories
        • Facebook Page
        • Google + Page
        • Twitter
        • Linkedin

The amount of competition you face in your community will help determine how much time and energy you should invest in each of the above. Some of the above should never be ignored and others are less important unless the competition is stiff locally.

You should never underestimate the importance of consistency in the success of your search engine marketing efforts using search engine optimization and the success of your local search optimization efforts depends on consistency plus incorporation of some of the elements that don’t apply to globally competing. Do things the right way and you can dominate the results for your industry in your community.

Feel free to open a support ticket at our Help Desk if you are ready for some professional assistance in doing your local search correctly.

Important Local Search Components

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