Is Your Website A Business Asset Or Business Expense?

If your website is a business asset it is generating leads or sales for you. If it is not, you have a business expense. You can turn it into an asset.

Your Website As A Business Asset

When you set your site up to be an asset, you have a mapped out plan on the structure of the look of the site, how it will be navigated by visitors, when fresh content will be added and what action or actions you want visitors to take on each page.

If you don’t have a plan for your website, you’ll either be scrambling to create content on a consistent basis or you’ll fail to add content at all.

This failure will turn your website into a ghost town, an online business card or a business brochure.

Any one of the three scenarios I just mentioned means you have a business expense instead of a business asset that is helping you grow your business.

A failure to plan is just one reason you might have an expense. A few others are:

  • You had your website designed by a friend, family member, college kid or a web developer that didn’t understand your business, your business goal for the site or what is needed to help attract search engine visitors.
  • You created a static site that doesn’t invite interaction from your visitors.
  • Your site is too hard to navigate.
  • You created a site that isn’t mobile friendly.
  • You are failing to effectively use social media to drive traffic to your website.

Your Social Media Assets

You can create accounts and profiles at no cost at sites like Google Pages, Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook Pages and YouTube but is that wise?

Google Pages, Twitter, Facebook Pages and YouTube all allow customization to a certain extent. You can create a custom look that may help you build your brand. Facebook goes one step further by allowing you create custom pages where you can do everything from lead capture to actually creating an ecommerce store within the Facebook environment.

With the ability to create a professionally done custom look, how well do you think your plain out of the box profile will stack up against your competitor that spent time or money getting the great look they show prospects?

Your Mobile Asset

Having a mobile friendly website is no longer a luxury. If your website doesn’t look good on a laptop, smartphone or tablet, you will get less Google love.

Google, ComScore and other sources have released stats that show that many people are using their smartphones to access websites. The stats also show these people are often more affluent and more likely to make online purchases from their phone when they aren’t seeking directions to a local business.

I’ve read articles that estimate that more than half of all website visitors will be getting online from mobile devices by 2015. I think the estimate is close to what we’ll see because Twitter and Facebook are already seeing about 30 percent of their traffic each day from mobile devices.

Here’s a blog article that states that 88 Percent of Top Online Retailers Are Not Mobile-Friendly. Are You? and the top 500 list was compiled by the New York Times. Entrepreneur magazine ran an article in September 2011 which talked about a website that added a mobile option to their site and they saw 40% of their existing traffic switch between the main site and the mobile version. Why Mobile-Friendly Websites Are Critical to Your Strategy is the name of the article.

If so few businesses are taking advantage of their mobile assets and the demand is obviously there, shouldn’t you jump in front of the coming tsunami before your competitors do?

Each item listed above can be a business expense measured in time, dollars or both but each of them has the potential to be a real business asset.

Please feel free to create a ticket at my Help Desk so we can help you develop your business and its assets.

Is Your Website A Business Asset Or Business Expense?
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