Have you ever heard network marketing put down as a bad business model? Have you tried and failed at network marketing (often referred to as MLM)? Have you seen people that sell information products say they’d never participate in a network marketing program?

Did you know that you and many other people are doing network marketing on a regular basis without knowing it?

Every time you tell someone about a new restaurant, movie, book, business you liked or product you liked you were marketing to that person for the business owner. Business owners that have affiliates are running a network marketing business because they are giving up a piece of their profits to their network of affiliates. These affiliate networks may be 1, 2 or more levels deep but many people don’t see them as network marketing operations because there is no matrix involved.

A matrix is not required in network marketing.

Many network marketing companies use one or more matrices so they can show a huge potential payout which is where the problems start with many prospects. If someone sees they can potentially make a 4-5 figure income per month, they are often disappointed when they aren’t seeing it in 90 days or less because they are often told they only need to sponsor 2-10 people depending on how the matrix is structured.

Many sponsors never tell the prospects that each and every person in the business must sponsor 2-10 people for the business model to work as designed. This ommission is unfortunate because knowledge is power and empowering these prospects with full and complete information would create a more informed decision that should make for a stronger business relationship.

The reality with most of these programs is that it often takes anywhere from 3,000 people and up to completely fill all matrices and achieve the true potential.

Is it possible to do this? Yes it is for some teams but no single person can do it alone.

Do not throw out a good business model just because the top level might be hard to reach especially if the product is good and not overly inflated in price and the compensation plan is set up so money can be made.

Success Synergy Systems is a network marketing company that was set up to feed Coastal Vacations and PAS (Prosperity Automated Systems) in addition to being an income opportunity on its own. You need to take the tour at http://www.successsynergysystems.com/?4604 to see how they’ve structured the 6 2X2 matrices they use and the potential monetary rewards.

According to my calculations, it will take better that 8,000 people to complete all 6 matrices but that didn’t stop me from becoming part of this company and I’ll tell you why.

  1. I only need to personally sponsor 2 people to start down the path to success.
  2. This program is a one time $175 payment which means no one that is sponsored will drop out.
  3. I can make enough money along the way towards a full structure that I can buy into the expensive programs without having to wait for a full structure to place me.
  4. The people I’m associated with are willing to work with me and give me the moral support, education and any other assistance I may need to reach my goals.

Some people have enough money to put in their network marketing business that they are willing and able to spend $3,000 one time to let Passive Income 4 You build their business for them. I strongly suggest you look at their site and take the free tour and sit through one or more of their conferences to fully evaluate the business.

Network marketing isn’t for everyone and you may not like the idea of building your business once then reaping long term rewards from your efforts.

I intend to use Success Synergy Systems to meet my short term financial goals, to use it to fund entrance into Passive Income 4 You, PAS and one or two other passive income generators that I’ve been watching for awhile and all from a single $175 payment and the up front work of building an organization of like minded people.

You can build groups in other businesses that have monthly fees where people will tire and drop out. You can try selling information products or some other niche product where you are constantly seeking new customers, writing newsletters and working your online job until you figure out how to automate it or generate a large enough affiliate network you can take a break. You can try other network marketing companies to see if they fit your needs and goals.

Your desires are not the same as mine. You may have more or less time to devote to your online business. Do what is right for you but I do suggest you look at both Success Synergy Systems and Passive Income 4 You to see how they’ve structured their network marketing businesses.

If you are afraid to enter your name and contact information so you can take the tours or attend the online conferences, are you really that serious about making your dreams your reality in your future?

Network Marketing and Passive Residual Income

2 thoughts on “Network Marketing and Passive Residual Income

  • January 13, 2007 at 6:58 pm

    Since this article was written, PAS has been dropped from Success Synergy

    SSS is now feeding just Coastal Vacations

  • August 30, 2010 at 3:33 pm

    Success Synergy Systems has gone out of business since this post was published.


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