You Will Be Out Of Business In 5 Years Unless You Act Now


out of businessTrends change and you must adapt your business or you will be out of business in a few short years. Do you know why you’ll be out of business if you fail to act?

The switch to a mobile society is well under way yet 90% of small businesses and an alarming percentage of larger businesses are not presenting mobile friendly websites to their customers.

You may doubt the importance of mobile and I can appreciate that doubt. Answer these questions for yourself.

Do you own a cellphone?
Your customers do.

Is your phone within 10 feet of you 24 hours a day?
Your customer’s is.

Do you ever visit a website using your mobile phone after seeing an ad on television, on a billboard, in print or on the radio?
Your customers do.

Have you ever used your phone to buy something online?
Your customers probably have.

Have you ever used your phone to compare prices while in the store?
Your customers have and do.

Have you ever visited a social network or review site using your phone to get information on a product or service you were thinking about buying?
This is a common practice for your customers.

Have you ever called a business or made a purchase at a local business within a day of doing a search?
Your customers regularly do this.

Have you ever done a search for local businesses from your phone using Google or Bing?
Your customers do on a regular basis.

Have you noticed those little balloon shaped icons on Google that are usually next to the name, address and phone number of a number of businesses near the top of the results for many business listings.
Your customers notice them, click them and visit the top businesses that are listed.

Those bubbles are indicators of a Google Places listing and they show up on both the desktop and mobile searches as well as in Adwords ads when the business has a Places listing.

Google made it very clear in this article that they are giving mobile friendly sites more weight in searches. The bottom of the article even has a PDF showing stats that indicate the reasoning behind the shift in their business model.

Mobile is the latest trend and you will either embrace it or be out of business because your competitors that do embrace it will get your customers.

Leave a comment below then create a support ticket at my Help Desk so we can talk about a mobile website or a Google Places listing for your business.

You Will Be Out Of Business In 5 Years Unless You Act Now

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