Does Your Business Need A Marketing Consultant?


You are the only one that can decide whether you need a marketing consultant. Use the questions in this article to help yourself decide.

Do you have a marketing budget?

Do you put a set percentage of your revenue into marketing?

Do you track every advertising method you use?

Do you track leads generated by your website?

Do you have a lead capture system in place on your website?

Do you have any kind of call tracking system in place so you know which ad source generated the call?

Do you use coupons?

Do you have a system in place to track coupon redemption rates?

Do you have any idea how much traffic your website receives?

Do you know which keywords generate your website traffic?

Do you know what keywords Google is ranking your website for?

Is your website mobile friendly?

Have you claimed your Google Places page for your local business?

Have you claimed your Bing Business portal?

Have you claimed your Yahoo Local listing?

Do you have a YouTube video channel for your business?

Do you consistently add videos to your YouTube channel?

If you weren’t able to answer yes to the majority of these questions, your marketing efforts are less effective than they could be.

Tracking is vital to your success. If you aren’t tracking everything, how can you effectively manage it? When you track your marketing, you know what is working really well, what is working a little and what isn’t working.

Knowledge of what’s working and what isn’t lets you adjust your marketing so you spend more time and money on the successes and drop the failures. A team is usually needed to grow a successful business and a marketing consultant is often part of the most successful.

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Does Your Business Need A Marketing Consultant?

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