If you have been marketing online for any length of time or are on the right mailing lists, I’m sure you’ve seen The Death of Adsense and the subsequent report Life After Adsense being promoted or discussed.

Whether you believe the author’s views or not, you have to admire his marketing strategy.

This man, Scott Boulch, used an amazing marketing strategy that was, by anyone’s standards and unqualified success.

  1. He created a report he titled ‘The Death of Adsense’ which immediately created a controversy by forcing people to take sides.
    2. He gave this controversial report away.
    3. He paid people $.50 for each FREE report they gave away for him which set an unstoppable viral marketing machine in motion.
    4. He gave us a desire to read part 2 of his report called ‘Life After Adsense’. This desire was created with a promise to shown the exact method he uses to earn a monthly income of at least 5 figures without Adsense and without worrying about search engine optimization. Note: Curiosity is a very powerful technique.
    5. He asked the readers of the reports to take a short survey to tell him what product or products or services he could create that we would consume.

Let’s summarize what he accomplished with this unique marketing strategy.

  1. He created a free product and surrounded it in controversy which helped fuel a rabid desire for this product.
    2. He created a strong desire in his readers to consume his second free report to find out how he makes his 5 figure a month monthly income.
    3. He got his readers to tell him what products or services we’d be most willing to pay him for.
    4. He generated a mailing list of about 34,000 at 50 cents per person in less than 3 weeks AND this list will probably be highly responsive because he has already provided 2 high quality content items for us to evaluate and he asked us to tell him what we were willing to buy.
    5. The one additional thing I suspect he probably did was make arrangements with the two Cost-Per-Action Networks mentioned in his reports was to set it up so that he was paid by them to bring in new webmasters as affiliates which means he was PAID to use this strategy.

With this technique, Scott delivered the right message at the right time to the right prospects and I suspect this will generate a feeding frenzy when he delivers a product with a price tag. You may read these two reports, if they are still available at http://www.lifeafteradsense.com/cgi-bin/go.cgi/4889

Life After Adsense
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