Can You Achieve Business Success Without Relationships?


Achieving a high level of business success without relationships is difficult at best and impossible for many. Read on to understand why.

People are much more likely to buy from people and businesses they know, like and trust. There are some glaring exceptions to this rule but that’s usually because of price and availability of the product or service you want or need.

I can think of 2 big box stores that people say they despise but they shop at them because the local alternatives that used to exist have vanished or they are located so far out of their way that it’s too inconvenient to patronize them.


Local business owners that are not only surviving the invasion of the big box stores but are actually thriving are the ones that have decent locations, outstanding service and effective local marketing campaigns.

Most people are creatures of habit and we usually need a VERY good reason to do something outside of our normal routine.

If you take the time to think about where you live, work, shop and play; you will probably discover that everything fits within a narrow path between work and home. This corridor probably narrowed some and the frequency you travelled it were probably reduced as gas prices rose.


When you buy from a big box store, you almost always need to know what you want, how to use it to get the most out of it and what others think about the product or service.

You still need to do research on what others think about a product or service when you shop a locally owned business but a smart local business owner will be happy to educate you on almost every aspect of the product or service.

Is it worth a few dollars more if the stuff you want to buy comes from a local business owner that can help you save time and grief learning how to use what you’re buying so you get the most out of your purchase?


The economy is tough and budgets are stretched very tight for many people. Your local big box store might carry the lawn mowers and other products you want at a lower price than the local business but do they service it, offer advice on caring for it or carry the parts you may need?

Local business owners often ask you how and where you will be using their products. These questions help them identify your needs so they can offer the best possible advice on usage and care.

The majority of the sales associates I’ve seen at the big box stores I’ve been to in the last decade are interested in their paychecks and looking busy instead of helping customers. Their goal is usually to get thru the day doing no more than is needed to keep their supervisor off their back.

Big box stores can usually get away with indifferent to poor customer service because they have location and price on their side. To compete, local businesses must compensate by building relationships with their customers. These relationships help the customer and the business owner bond over a common interest. If cultivated properly, the relationship will keep you going back to the business owner for years and it may grow into something beyond business success for the owner and good service from a trusted vendor for you.

Can You Achieve Business Success Without Relationships?
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