Are You Doing Reputation Management For Your Local Business?


Every business is a local business somewhere and reputation management should be a regular part of what you monitor? If you aren’t, you could be losing business.

Why Reputation Management Is Vital.

Prior to the Internet, your unhappy customers used the telephone, word-of-mouth and the occasional flyer or newspaper ad to complain.

Once the Internet became popular, your customers started writing blog reviews, chatting in forums and creating websites where they voice their pleasure or displeasure about things.

The social networks have opened a whole new way for people to interact about everything in their life. Complaints about a business can reach hundreds in a few seconds and potentially reach thousands in a few minutes.

These complaints CANNOT be removed from the Internet once they are posted by someone.

It doesn’t matter if the complaint is legitimate and posted by a real customer or a phony posted by a disgruntled employee or a competitor.

If you aren’t actively monitoring what’s being said about your business in the online world, you cannot work to mitigate any damage caused by real or bogus complaints.

The two best ways to combat less than glowing reviews are to know they exist and to get a steady stream of positive reviews from happy customers.

A business with a bunch of happy customers that are willing to leave honest reviews helps attract more customers.

A few negative reviews that aren’t drowned out by positive reviews can cost you business.

There are hundreds of places online where people can leave reviews about your business. It makes no difference if you are a local business or a major corporation with a presence in multiple locations.

People will talk about the businesses in their location. Anyone searching within that area will see the reviews for that area. Depending on how they searched, they may see reviews from a wider area.

Your customers will rarely come to you with their complaints but they will gladly tell everyone that’ll listen what they think about their experience with your business.

A local business that wants to thrive and grow in any economy will actively monitor their online reputation and implement a reputation management plan as quickly as possible.

If you don’t currently monitor your online reputation, contact me so we can talk about putting a reputation management system in place for your business.

Are You Doing Reputation Management For Your Local Business?

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