This May Kill Your Business And Facebook?


out of businessYour business must adapt as technology and your customers buying habits change if you want it to survive and thrive. See why your business & Facebook might die.

Mobile is where business MUST be to succeed in the near future.

The world is going mobile at an alarming rate and many business owners, including Mark Zuckerburg of Facebook, don’t fully understand or acknowledge the shift in the way consumers access the Internet.

In 2010, Mark Zuckerburg stated the iPad isn’t mobile it’s a computer so Facebook didn’t need to create an iPhone app for it. That statement showed his mentality was deeply rooted in the tradition web based around desktop computers. Since then, an app has been created but I hear it is less than satisfying. I’m also hearing rumors that Facebook is developing their own smartphone.

The statistics show that Facebook is accessed from mobile devices by approximately 30% of their active users each day but Facebook doesn’t have a revenue generation plan in place for mobile.

Mobile web traffic has doubled each year for the last 4 years and it no makes up about 20% of U.S. web traffic.

The number of web connected tablets increased to 34 million in 2011 which is triple the number the previous year.

These numbers show an explosive growth in mobile usage which is pretty amazing when you consider how short the timeframe has been for the existence of tablets and smartphones.

The scary part is that very few websites look good across all devices.

Your business website might look great on a desktop computer but there is no guarantee it’ll look good on a laptop. I can almost guarantee that MOST business websites look horrible on mobile phones and tablets.

Most business owners I’ve talked to have a mindset similar to Zuckerburg’s in 2010. They just don’t see mobile as a high priority even though they see their customers as attached to their cellphones as they are.

When they are told that more than half of all local searches are done from mobile devices, they honestly believe their customers fall into the half NOT searching on their phone.

Some won’t accept the premise that people compare prices and seek out coupons on their phone while in the store.

Your business doesn’t rely on ad revenues to succeed but you rely on product or service sales.

If you are unwilling to accept that your customers are making full use of their mobile devices, how are you going to be able to get your business in front of them when they need what you sell?

When their car breaks down, they pick up their cellphone to call the tow truck and mechanic that is easiest to reach unless their regular shop is close by. You can pick almost any other service or product and the call will frequently go to the business that’s easiest to research on their mobile device.

Create a support ticket at my Help Desk if you want to make your business more mobile friendly.

This May Kill Your Business And Facebook?
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