Can Your Business Can Learn From Google?


google placesGoogle is constantly changing things to keep their customers happy and to keep their revenue coming in or increasing. Are you modifying your business to grow?

From what I’ve uncovered through my searches on local businesses is that very few are adapting their marketing efforts to keep their name in front of their customers.

Your business might be one I’ve seen that is going to be bypassed by your customers.

Your Customers Are Mobile

Have you noticed that almost ALL of your customers carry cell phones and that many are using them while in YOUR store?

Some are looking online for coupons or products reviews but others are checking the websites of your competitors to compare prices.

If this is being done in your store it is being done while they are in your competitors store too.

You’d better have a mobile friendly version of your website which makes it easy for them to comparison check or you WILL lose sales.

Mobile Search

Many cell phone users use search engines to find the stuff they’re seeking locally instead of bookmarks stored on their phone.

The search engine results shown to mobile users first are usually sites with mobile friendly pages matching the search criteria. This means your non mobile friendly website may not make the first few pages of the results.

Social Proof

Google and Bing know consumers often like to read honest reviews of products from their friends, family and colleagues before they make a purchase.

Bing is using the open graph developed by Facebook to pull recommendations into the search results. These will show up in the results if you are signed into Facebook while using Bing to search. There isn’t always a recommendation so the reviews may not be apparent in all niches.

Google is using Google+ to show recommendations from people you already know, like and trust. And Google is using reviews from other sources for additional reviews and information you may find useful.

One of these other sources for reviews and more was known as Google Places until May 30, 2012 but that date began the transition to Local Google+.

The 80+ million local business listings that were in Google Places were moved into the Google+ system with the transition continuing until each Local Google+ page has been merged with an existing Google+ Business Page, if one exists, or one will be created for the local business.

In addition to the combining of Google+ pages and Local Google+, Google plans to bring mobile and search into the same arena.

Once all of these different Google properties have been merged into a single unit, your customers will have search, social, local and mobile all in one place with a single interface. Whether your business is found near the top of the results will depend on how well you embrace social, mobile and search engine optimization across all of your online marketing efforts.

One final thought, online reputation management will become even more important for your business as these various web properties combine into a single unit.

Create a support ticket at my Help Desk so we can talk about how to get your business on stable ground online so it can grow and thrive.

Can Your Business Learn From Google?
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