It doesn’t matter if you are new to your business or experienced, one of the most important tasks you have is to stay focused. Everyone has distractions but how you manage these distractions will be a big factor in determining your success. Some distractions commonly faced are:

Family interruptions
Kids wanting attention
Phone calls not related to business
Eye catching websites
Information overload

Some of the items mentioned above must be dealt with immediately but others just suck you away from your business and they’ll kill it if you don’t remind yourself of WHY you are in business in the first place.

Example: You might have chosen affiliate marketing as your business model and your goal might be a new home that better suits your family’s needs or desires.

To remind you of your goal, you’ve gathered the blueprints of the house you want, taken a picture of a similar house or done a drawing with a computer program that you’ve printed out. You know what the house is going to look like in every room, the floor covering and have all the details firmly planted in your mind.

You’ve created a business plan that lies out your financial goals needed to acquire the home of your dreams and you have created a daily plan of action that schedules out your work day so you can methodically build your business. Use these business blueprints to keep yourself on track and focused.

Whenever one of these distractions arises, you might need to adjust your work schedule to accommodate it or you might need to remind yourself of the goal so you can put aside that email on the latest and greatest Adsense templates, business opportunity, list building tactic or product giveaway until you are scheduled to process your email or learn more about your business.

As a smart and focused business person, you know giveaways may help you get a few items that you can use to build your affiliate marketing business model but gifts that will not help you reach your stated goal within your chosen business model are a waste of time and a further distraction. Collecting everything you can on list building is a waste of time if you don’t have list building as part of your affiliate marketing strategy.

Taking the time to learn about Adsense and collect articles and templates that will help someone using that business model will drain you of the time you’ve allotted to learn how to become a better affiliate marketer.

To make your dream home your reality, you must focus on that prize so completely you might be accused of having tunnel vision.

Are you consistently working towards your goal every day you work your business?


How Do YOU Maintain Your Focus?

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