We are entering a time of the year where people will naturally shift their mindset away from improving their lives to enjoying the various religious holidays and special events coming up. Your job as a marketer is to acknowledge this and look at your products or services to see if there is a way you can modify your marketing to show the benefits of providing your goods or services as a gift to that special someone.

Halloween, Christmas and several other holidays throughout the world are opportunities to give gifts. If you show your prospects the benefit of giving your widget, service, How To manual or whatever you sell, you’ll make the sale and be giving them a reason to buy a unique gift that’s unlikely to be duplicated by someone else.

If your product line is made up of products within the income opportunity niche or Internet marketing niche, your items are less likely to be good as gifts but NOW is the time to start reminding people of the after holiday bills that start flooding mail boxes after the first of the year.

When possible, create a special holiday package that gives your customer a lower price, bonuses that add value to the purchase or both. It is important that any bonuses you add are products that fit with the primary product so it adds to the perceived value rather than looking like a cheap after thought. Or gimmick.

Example: You might be selling an ebook on list building. Possible bonuses for this product might be a list management script, an auto-responder script or newsletter templates.

You want to enjoy your friends and family during the upcoming holiday season so be aware that your prospects and customers have that on their minds too. Use this within your marketing strategy and you may be pleasantly surprised at your responses.

Marketing During The Holidays
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