The Changing Face Of SEO


seoSEO is constantly changing as marketers try to gain more exposure and the search engines try to deliver quality. Are you able to keep up with the changes?

Google is currently the biggest force you have to deal with in trying to get organic traffic and its getting more difficult each day for many trying to figure out what Google wants to see.

I think this is backwards thinking.

You should be focusing your energy on creating content that solves the problems people are using the Internet and search engines to find a solution for instead of trying to out think the search engines.

The solution needs to be presented in ways the target audience finds acceptable and you need markers throughout the Internet that give the search engines the idea you are the best expert offering the solution for the problem the searcher is wanting to eliminate.

In the past, this authority (expert status) was determined mostly by the number of inbound links and, to some degree, the quality of those links.

Links are still important but not in the same way as they were. Today’s links need to come from a wide variety sources with a wide variety of anchor text and sometimes even no anchor text.

Most visitors won’t understand or use anchor text so webmasters that have more than 70% of their inbound links using the same or similar phrases as anchor text stick out like a sore thumb.

Acquiring a lot of low quality links from countries outside of where you do business can also harm your ranking.

It isn’t natural to be located in the USA and have a large portion of your inbound links originating from overseas. Common sense would tell you the majority of your customers and website visitors will be in the USA. Because of this, the majority of any sharing being done would originate within the USA.

In addition to that, people are going to share your site across multiple mediums. Some of these may be:

  • Social media sites
  • Forums
  • Blogs
  • Videos
  • And more

Many webmasters have one or two favorite ways they can automate or outsource the creation of links leading to their site’s pages. By being so short-sided in their marketing, these webmasters attract unwanted attention from search engine algorithm changes.

A large percentage of the websites I encounter also ignore mobile.

Mobile users will probably outnumber desktop users in either 2013 or 2014. If your business isn’t mobile friendly before then, you WILL lose business.

Google has already stated that mobile friendly sites are a ranking factor AND that they are placed higher in the results when a search is conducted from a mobile device.

You need to:

  • have links from a variety of sources.
  • have different types of links. (i.e. no anchor text, different anchor text)
  • embrace mobile.
  • embrace social media. (Social signals are a reputation barometer.)
  • generate quality content that actually solves problems for people.

If you want search engine love, solve problems for people and get links pointing back to your solutions in as many ways as possible. Leave your favorite methods of attracting visitors and search engines in the comment section.

The Changing Face Of SEO
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