Online Marketing For A Local Business


Are you trying to bring your local business online and do your online marketing on the cheap? Are you aware of the pitfalls with this approach?

The cheap route will often get you a series of service providers that are either overseas or inexperienced in one or more services you need.

Service Providers vs Consultants

A service provider is there to sell you on their service. The range of service being offered can vary widely but they seldom, if ever, going to talk to you about an overall marketing strategy that includes your goals, your offline marketing efforts and your online marketing efforts.

You need a complete marketing strategy in place with a way to measure the effectiveness of each piece of the marketing puzzle.

Everything is connected when it comes to online marketing. Some of the many ranking factors are:

  • Your website’s rank.
  • The quality of the content on your website.
  • Whether your website gets updated on a regular basis.
  • Customer testimonials on your website that are regularly added to help the consumer’s buying decision.
  • How well your Google+ Local listing is categorized and optimized.
  • Whether you have a mobile friendly version of your website.
  • The citations that exist for your local business are ranking factors. (Citations = business name, address, phone, website, category and description, in some cases.)
  • Videos you have online help build your authority when done correctly.
  • Images on multiple websites help build authority when done right.
  • Customer reviews posted on Google+ and on citation sites are factored into a consumer’s buying decision.
  • How well you are represented and talked about on the different social media sites influences your customers.

Some local businesses need all of the above while others may need just some of the above to beat local competitors that aren’t doing anything or they are doing some of it.

There will also be cases where your competitor has hired a few different service providers to put the pieces in place but no online marketing strategy or plan for implementation has been created.

If your business has ANY kind of web presence online, and it does even if you aren’t aware of it, you have some kind of an online reputation.

Social media, your website, your Google+ Local listing (even if you haven’t claimed it) and customer reviews are all interconnected.

If you make a business decision to increase your online exposure and choose to focus on just social media, you are ignoring the massive exposure you get from the citations used to help rank your website and Google+ Local listing.

Social media is an important piece in increasing your exposure and managing your reputation but social media alone cannot monitor the hundreds of citation sites your customers can use to place reviews about your business.

You can choose to focus on Google+ Local or Reputation Marketing but you are leaving off some clout social media can provide.

I’ve only mentioned some of the ways you can gain exposure online and I didn’t even mention how you can use offline marketing methods to get consumers online or some of the methods you can use to get consumers searching online to call or visit your business.

Service providers can be valuable once you have a marketing strategy and plan mapped out but you really need an online marketing consultant that understands how the different pieces work together. A good consultant can help you plan and sometimes execute a marketing plan that fits your needs and budget.

Call Christine at 1-813-907-7737 and ask her about creating an online marketing strategy blueprint.

Online Marketing For A Local Business
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