We’ve been taught over the years to learn from the masters then do what they do to become successful. Have you been watching the world of marketing both on and off line the last few years?

If you have, I’ll bet you’ve seen:

  • ● Successful television show formats blatantly copied.
  • ● A whole bunch of comic book characters made into live action movies
  • ● Major corporations taking a successful product from one of their competitors and creating a me too product that offers very few, if any improvements over the original idea or product.
  • ● Successful commercials either copied or spoofed.

The above are just samples of the offline world of people and businesses that are too lazy or too cheap to try something new and innovative.

The online world is just as ridiculous.

Newsletters were originally created to keep in touch with customers and to teach prospects that you were a professional that could be learned from. The information these newsletters contained let you know there was a professional on the Internet you could use to learn the ropes and profit from. Yes, there were advertisements for their products and services but you didn’t mind because you were being given access to information you could use.

Many newsletters today seldom offer any useful information because the list owners have been taught ‘The Money Is In The List’. The part of the message that’s been left out of that is that you must court your list to build credibility with them then only recommend products or services you use yourself or would use.

Building and maintaining a quality list is time consuming work you must be ready to commit to before you start your list.

Know WHY you are building a list. You must have a goal for your list like you do your business. If you don’t have a goal and know WHY you created the list, how will your readers know what you are doing and why?

You must have a solid business model.

  • ● If you choose to sell affiliate products, you need to make yourself unique by providing reviews of the products you sell or in some way adding value that other affiliates aren’t. I’m not talking using just bonuses. Bonuses are fine if they add additional functionality or enhance the use of the primary product but I’m talking about finding a way to give your customer value they cannot receive from anyone else. Note: Selling junk will get you a reputation as someone to avoid so be selective in the products you are willing to promote.
  • ● If you choose the network marketing business model, provide free training and tools the people that choose to work with you can use. Your success is dependent upon the success of those you sponsor so it is in your best interest to teach them how to succeed. Tip: Offer free training to those just looking at your business because they will remember you even if they don’t choose to join the business you are currently working. (Keep in touch with these prospects because their business might fail and you’ve already started the process of teaching them.)
  • ● If you choose to sell information products, don’t create junk; give the complete story on what you’re selling rather than leaving the buyer feeling cheated because they didn’t receive everything they expected. Nothing angers a consumer more than the thought that the purchase they just made was a prelude to the next sales pitch rather than the complete and viable product they thought they were buying.

As you can see from the few samples listed above, providing added value and customer service are the key to happy customers and business associates.

I want you to think about whether you would prefer doing business with a merchant that gives you more than you expected before, during and after the sale or a merchant that comes across as caring more about your money than you being a satisfied customer.

Please remember all you really have that’s unique is your reputation. If you sell junk or provide poor service the poor word of mouth advertising you get will far out weigh any good you receive. Your superior products and service may lead to good word of mouth advertising which may bring you traffic and buying customers without you having to seek them out.

You decide the path you choose to walk but I suggest the path of delivering more than expected.

Have You Been Watching The Big Marketers?

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