Marketing Your Business, The Internet And Your Reputation

The marketing method you use may involve the internet even if you don’t know it. You may or may not have a website or you may be marketing your business offline but consumers are looking up your online reputation.

Many consumers may see your ad on TV, in a newspaper or in another offline medium but before the buying decision is made they will often get input from their friends at the various social media platforms before they go to Google to do a search on your company name + the city. Example search: Spaghetti Warehouse Tampa.

The results would yield many sites where that business is listed and many of these sites allow customers to leave reviews online. Some of the review sites even allow posting of reviews directly from a cellphone.

If the reviews returned for your business are less than stellar or you have no positive reviews, the potential buyer is more likely to choose a competitor that has positive reviews showing.

Google has switched to using the Zagat scoring system to gauge your reputation but the other reviews sites still use a 5 star rating system.

  • You want to develop a culture within your business that gets customers happy enough to leave you a 5 star rating.
  • You want a system in place that makes it easy to leave the 5 star reviews you crave.
  • You want a team that knows how to get these legitimate reviews online in a way and in places that will help your business.
  • You want a marketing plan in place that lets you capitalize on these 5 star reviews to attract new business.

The bottom line is you need to get customers leaving rave reviews so you can market them to attract more paying customers while retaining your current customers.

You may start out doing reputation management but that will evolve into reputation marketing once you get the system in place and start executing your marketing plan.

Imagine being able to include one or two raving reviews in every piece of marketing material you create.

See what your local business reputation looks like at then call us if you aren’t thrilled with the results.

Marketing Your Business, The Internet And Your Reputation

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