The quality of the product or service that you are selling can play a much bigger role than you might think. Below are some of the affects you may or may not know about:

* Your customers may just quietly quit doing business with you.
* Some customers may loudly complain about your product or service to everyone but you.
* Something unforeseen may happen that will get you free press you hadn’t counted on and didn’t want.

Let me share a story with you that’s true but I’m not going to give the company names.

In the late 1960’s 2 of the largest RV manufacturers in the USA had dealers in Anchorage, Alaska that were rivals but also friends. Each year these 2 guys would fly down to pick up new pickups with a pickup camper and a flatbed trailer with two more pickup campers on them from each manufacturer.

Company A, the nation’s largest at that time, was happy because they sold a new pickup to their dealer with two additional units. Company B, the nation’s 3rd largest at that time, was happy because they sold a new pickup to their dealer with two additional units. Both dealers were happy because they knew they’d profit from the sale of the units once they were back in Alaska.

The unforeseen event was an encounter with a semi on the Alaskan highway on the trip home.

In case you aren’t familiar with what a semi can do to a high profile vehicle when they encounter each other at highway speeds the wake generated by the semi tries to blow you off the road first then suck you into them.

the disaster for Company A was this highway encounter sucked the side right off of 2 of the 3 units the one dealer purchased AND a photographer took pictures of them loading the pieces of them into units built by Company B. The pictures clearly showed the logos of both RV companies and the story associated with the pictures clearly stated how this mess was created by the wake of a semi.

The dealers found out that Company A’s RV’s were put together with staples holding the frame together and the outside metal, inside paneling and insulation were glued in placed.

When asked, Company B showed that their frames were both glued and stapled. The plywood paneling was glued and nailed, the insulation was sprayed in polyurethane which also acts like glue and the exterior metal was stapled and screwed in place.

Neither company could have foreseen the above happening but because Company B built a quality product they received good press that no amount of money could have bought. Company A, on the other hand; saw their product compared side-by-side with a competitor on the front page of a newspaper with their product being in pieces.

Do you think Company B benefited from this? You bet they did and many vendors as well as potential customers commented on it at trade shows for the next year.

You may be doing business either on or off line but the venue isn’t as important as the quality of your product because your reputation is tied to that product.

You can provide excellence and include it in your marketing but any hidden flaws or sloppy service can become a marketers nightmare when you least expect it.

Deliver a quality product and good service because you are protecting your reputation while conducting good business.

Quality Does Affect Marketing
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