Can Your Customers Find You During a Cell Phone Search?


Do you know anyone that doesn’t own or use a cell phone? If you do, I bet you can count the number on one hand. That device is how your customers find you.

The cell phone is so personal and is attached so firmly to people they often sleep with it, use it as a flashlight, as an alarm, as their navigation tool and as their yellow pages.

Many of your prospective customers will do the following to find a business like yours:

  • Open the search engine on their phone.
  • Search for the phrase that fits their needs.
  • Pick the business with the best reviews (even if it isn’t in the first position).
  • Check the Google+ Local listing or a review site to read the reviews and see a map to the business.
  • Many will check your website to see your hours of operation, to call you or double check your services.

Once they’ve done a search, this is often how you are affected:

  • If your website isn’t on the first page of the local results, your listing won’t be seen.
  • If you have no reviews, bad reviews or a number of reviews that’s too low for Google to show your rating, you’ll frequently lose business to a competitor.
  • If your website doesn’t look good on their cell phone, most will leave and never return.
  • If your mobile business website doesn’t make finding, contacting or doing business with you as easy as possible, many will check a competitor’s site.

You can have the best product or service in town but people won’t know it if you aren’t positioning yourself in front of your prospects on the device they use most often. This positioning must be backed up with an outstanding online reputation and a high quality web presence that makes it easy to do business with you.

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Can Your Customers Find You During a Cell Phone Search?
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