Why Personal Referrals Can Hurt At Times


Personal referrals are known as Referral marketing and they are usually highly targeted prospects that are presold on you but there are times you won’t benefit from the referral.

When one of your customers tells friends, family or coworkers about your business, they usually don’t have:

  • Your business card
  • Your phone number
  • Your address

The only piece of information that’s usually remembered is your name and approximate location.

With this limited information, the referral often goes to Google and enters your name and your city into the search bar.

The first thing that shows below the Google ads is the company name, address, phone and ZAGAT score if the business has enough reviews for it to be shown.

business reputation
Your business reputation is prominently displayed by Google.

 Further down the results page, reviews from sites such as Yelp, Insider Pages and more are often displayed.

Depending on the industry and the individual business searched, the entire first page of results for a company name + city may yield nothing but review sites.

Are the personal referrals your customers handing out to their friends, family and coworkers seeing glowing reviews about your business or are they seeing poor reviews like the example shown in the image?

On average, consumers read 6-10 online reviews before they trust a business enough to make a buying decision.

If you have fewer than 10 5 star reviews, your business needs a system put in place that encourages customers to leave reviews and you need a way to get these reviews online where they will help your business. (You cannot post the reviews online for your customers or have them do it from your business because Google tracks the locations used for submission and too many from a single location isn’t natural looking so the reviews will never be seen.)

There is a way to get these legitimate reviews online for your customers and have many of them accepted but the procedure often requires an experienced team with specialized knowledge most business owners don’t have.

Search for your business name plus city then go get your local reputation report and give us a call if you want to develop a 5 star reputation you’ll be proud to have your customer’s referrals see.

Why Personal Referrals Can Hurt At Times

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