How To Take Your Local Business To The Next Level

Once you’ve tasted some business success in your local business you are ready to take it to the next level so you can reach your goals. Consider this…

You’ve probably already learned you need to spend money to make money and you’ve also learned you need to spend the money wisely to get the best possible return on investment.

Reputation marketing is, I believe, the best way to get the biggest bang for your buck.

Many business consultants talk about reputation management but never mention reputation marketing which isn’t right. You never make money managing anything. You make money when you market.

Reputation marketing is all about helping you develop a 5 star culture in your business so your customers gladly leave 5 star reviews online about your business.

Once you have a minimum of 10 five star customer reviews online, you can start marketing your 5 star reputation as the business asset it is.

Until you have a 5 star reputation online that has customer reviews on sites the search engines consider important, your advertising dollars might be returning a lower ROI than they should be.

Consider this…

When a friend, family member or coworker makes a referral, they usually can’t rattle off your phone number. Instead, they might say something like Google it. The action then taken is to open Google and type in your business name and city.

The results in almost every industry I’ve checked is a listing of the Google+ Local page at the top of the page with their review rating front and center IF the company has 10 reviews. If 10 reviews don’t exist, the number of reviews or a link to the Google+ page is listed.

Below Google’s listing, many of the rest of the first page are review sites like Yelp and Super Pages which also prominently display your rating in the listing results.

Your business reputation is everything both online and offline now.

It is not the only important piece though.

The quality of your website and the user experience are factors that must be considered as well.

User experience is hard to measure but the length of time a visitor stays on your site is one way to measure user experience. Whether your site is mentioned by your visitors on social sites is another way of measuring how they feel about your content and site.

As I stated in Survey Says – 72% of Consumers Want Mobile-Friendly Sites: Google Research, mobile friendly sites are important to consumers.

A local marketing consultant usually has a team of professionals working with them that stay up on what is currently the best practice at any point in time so they can advise you on the best course of action to stay on budget and to acquire the increased profits you seek.

A vendor will try to sell you on different pieces of the online marketing puzzle but a consultant will try to find out about your business, your goals and what is important to you and your business.

To me, your reputation is your most valuable asset because it is something that is unique to you and your business. People buy are more likely to buy from someone they know, like and trust and a 5 star reputation displayed through third party customer reviews goes a long way towards developing that trust.

See whether you have a bad reputation, no reputation, a good reputation or a 5 star reputation by Take control of your reputation and market it properly and you’ll be on your way to the next level.

How To Take Your Local Business To The Next Level

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