How Customer Service Impacts Your Business

customer serviceCustomer service is where you have the opportunity to either strengthen the relationship with your customer or alienate them. See why your responses are vital.

Is your customer service a business asset or a liability?

The way you handle your customer service department will go a long way in determining the answer to that question.

 When you or your staff is confronted by an irate customer, the natural reaction for many is to get defensive.

If you calmly listen to the customer and let them release their anger, frustration or issue first, then you have a better understanding of what THEY believe the problem is and it may be real or perceived.

Calmly offering to provide a response that addresses their concerns if a solution isn’t immediately available will go a long way in letting them know you care about them and their concern.

If the customer submits a support ticket and has to wait 48 hours to get any kind of reply other than the canned acknowledgement of receipt of the ticket, you WILL have a customer that is very angry and they will be more inclined to:

  • Leave a bad review about your business online
  • To tell everyone they chat with on social media sites about how miserable your customer service is.
  • To tell their offline contacts about their experience with your business.

Happy customers may or may not broadcast how they feel about your business unless asked but an unhappy customer will tell everyone that’ll listen to them.

One bad online review could be seen by hundreds if not thousands of people in your area and even more globally.

Comcast, like many businesses today, has an automated phone system that frustrates consumers and the support wasn’t always good so consumers started broadcasting their stories on Twitter and Facebook. It didn’t take long for the company to put people on these sites to chat with customers and put out the immediate fires before they implemented a full social media strategy for customer service and promotion.

Motorola recently made a decision to no longer update the operating systems on some cell phones to better service other models. This angered many loyal customers at a time the company can’t afford to lose them.

My partner recently purchased 2 different WordPress plugins and the companies both have 48 hour delays in responses to support tickets UNLESS you pay a fee for premium customer support.

One plugin works mostly as advertised and customer support answers questions well and thoroughly even when more than one question is asked in the support request.

The second provider has a mediocre product, at best, but they know they have very little, if any, competition.

Their customer support responses have taken 48 hours for a response and only one question is addressed per support ticket. The response offered half the time has frequently been incorrect, elementary or evasive.

Each response that shows them where they didn’t answer correctly, even when screenshots were provided, has been met with another 48 hour wait and unsatisfactory responses most of the time.

To finally get a timely response and the attention we deserve as a customer paying a monthly fee for a service, we had to inform them that our client is an influencer in the industry.

Your customers deserve quality, respect and timely responses that address their needs regardless of who they are or what they do.

Your business reputation is on the line with every customer. Make one angry and you could get the dreaded bad review that adversely affects your bottom line.

Think about this…

When people get personal referrals through social media or word-of-mouth or see ads online or offline, the only information they usually remember is your company name. As a result, many go to Google and enter in your company name plus the city to find out more about you and where you’re located.

The results they see include your name, address, phone and they often include online reviews from multiple online review sites. Because your reputation is clearly displayed to searchers, you need to develop, maintain then market a 5 star reputation for your business.

See if you have an online reputation for your local business by

How Customer Service Impacts Your Business
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