Do You Know What Your Reputation Is And Why It’s Important?

Even if you don’t have a website, your local business may have a reputation that’s visible online. How this possible, why is it important and what can you do to profit from it?

Local Directories

Local directories like, and others will list your company name address and phone number. These sites and others like them allow the consumer to rate your business or leave a review.

Google is the largest aggregator of data in the world so they may have collected your business info from one of the directories and used it to create a Google+ Local page for your business. Google thinks reviews are so important that they’re dedicated about half the space on a Google+ Local page to reviews left by consumers about your business.

Mobile Searches

Mobile phone users that are using their smartphones to search for information on a business are usually ready to contact the business to spend money.

Android users that search using Google see local results with Google+ Local pages showing first and the number of reviews your business has is shown in the results.

A search done using Bing, will yield local results with your City Search or Yelp rating on full display.

Apple product searchers get results that frequently display Yelp reviews and ratings.

A search on Yahoo Local brings back a list of local businesses with their rating, number of reviews, maps and contact information.

Your Reputation Matters

Regardless of the search engine used by mobile searchers, the first thing they see in addition to your contact information is your online reputation.

I hope your business has a good online reputation because you are losing business to a competitor if you don’t.

 If you don’t have an online reputation, you are also losing business to a competitor that has a good reputation.

Some businesses have good reputations but a few bad reviews and they lose business to a competitor that has a 5 star reputation.

A less than stellar reputation also lowers the conversion rates on almost every type of promotion being done by you and for you. This includes word of mouth advertising done by customers.

Marketing And Reputation

If you use Google’s PPC, your reputation will influence your cost because your reputation is part of your quality score. Your reputation is the ultimate social signal so it’s a factor in SEO.

Let’s say you market using social media and a campaign goes viral. The prospects may have your name but no contact information so they turn to Google where they search for your company name and city. The first page of results in many industries will return nothing but sites that list your name, address, phone number and reputation. to see how well your business is thought of online.

Do You Know What Your Reputation Is And Why It’s Important?
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