How Cell Phones Are Changing Your Local Business

Cell phones are forcing you to change the way you do online marketing as well as other types of marketing if you plan to survive this mobile world.

Your Customers Are Attached To Their Cell Phone.

This attachment is often a love hate relationship but if you ask them most will tell you their phone is with them 24/7.

It’s their:

  • alarm clock
  • flash light
  • grocery store list
  • organizer
  • coupon holder
  • game console
  • GPS navigator
  • Phone book
  • Map
  • Telephone
  • And much, much more

One woman I know has 80 apps on her phone and it’s always within reach. She uses her phone to research products, compare prices, to look for coupons while shopping and to check-in when the stores have that set up.

Your Advertising Methods Must Change.

The printed Yellow Pages® is a dying advertising medium since the cell phone when coupled with the Internet becomes MUCH more than a phone book or business directory.

A printed book doesn’t know where you are located and your phone does so it can show you businesses related to your search that are near you.

Your customer can use their phone to look up customer reviews about almost any local business across multiple online business directories without breaking a sweat. (They just need to type in your company name + your city and the 1st page of results will list your reputation on various sites IF reviews have been posted.)

If your business has bad reviews, no reviews, a few reviews or reviews that are quite old, your customer can easily look up your competitor on their phone.

Once a customer is satisfied you have a good reputation, they may visit your website from their phone to verify you have what they want, to get directions or to call you. If your site isn’t easy to navigate on their phone, two-thirds or more will leave and never return.

Cell phone users actively seek coupons or comparison shop, they may scan QR codes in printed ads when they are receive the information, specials or discounts they want to see.

Many will subscribe to SMS lists to receive notices of specials.

Your customers are using the power of their cell phones and the Internet to make better buying decisions. Does your business website look good on mobile devices, is your online reputation ready to be scrutinized by consumers and can your site be found near the top of local searches for your industry on the device your customers carry at all times?!

How Cell Phones Are Changing Your Local Business
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